Mantra to Walk on Water and Fly In the Air

In this post, I have written about a Mantra for getting Aakash Gaman Aur Jal Pe Chalne Ki Chamatkari Siddhi or getting the magical paranormal power to fly in the sky and walk on water.

The Mantra, which comprises of just 3 words- Om Hum Namah – ॐ हुं नमः, at first sight will appear to be a common and nondescript Mantra Chant, but it promises the practitioner with a pair of Jadooei Chappal or Magical Slipper, which will enable him to perform the impossible and astonishing feat of flying in the air and walking on water.

The Mantra Siddhi Sadhana Prayog appears easy and simple at first sight, but that is far from the truth.

The practitioner has to chant the Jadooei Chappal Paneka Mantra 100.000 time daily during the Trisandhyas or the 3 Sandhi Kaal or Meeting Points of 2 Periods of Time of the Day. This is the specific period of the day during sunrise, noon and sunset, which can be ascertained according to the Hindu Panchang or Western Almanac of a specified location.

Aakash Gaman Aur Pani Pe Chalne Ki Siddhi Mantra

The Tantra does not specify, at what point of each Trisandhya the Mantra Chanting should commence, it could possibly be a fixed period before and after the Sandhi Kaal in which it is possible to chant a little more than 33,000 Mantra Chants so as to complete the total 100,000 Mantra Chants for day during the 3 Sandhi Kaal of each day.

The Tantra also does not specify for how many days the Mantra Chanting should continue, which probably means until you get the Magical Slippers and the supernatural power to fly in the air and walk on water.

It is also not specified how the Magical will appear or who will give it to the practitioner.

The is a standalone Mantra Experiment, in which, the practitioner has to concentrate only on the Mantra and nothing else, There is no other ritual, rules or form of worship is prescribed. Any preferred counting rosary can be used to count the number of Mantra Chants.

Note- Hindu religious scriptures contain numerous instances of such Siddhis being gained by Sadhus, Yogis and other practitioners of Mantra Vidya.

There are also some reports of some Sadhus and Yogis being is possession of such supernatural powers.

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  1. Those who need to verify their kundli and need astrological support and to know their

  2. how can u chant for 1,00,000 times in a day, as a day i.e.24 hrs has only 86400 seconds

    1. Potentially it’s by using resources such as chanting at river bank or on eclipse days where mantra merit is multiplied...

  3. Has anyone been successful yet?

  4. sir can we chant these mantra as per a specific number per day till the desire last one?

  5. sir can we chant these mantra as per a specific number per day till the desire last one?

  6. Sir,i have two qurstions.
    1.)Must i chant it 100.000 times on sun rising,100.00 timet on noon etc . or furing these 3 perjodns i i ha chanted this totally 100.000 times? And
    2.)I must chant it with equal times in sun rising noon and sunset,or as I eant every period of time?
    Thank you for your patience.


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