Nath Panthiya Upari Badha Nashak Mantra

This post, describes the method of performing an Nath Sampradaya Exorcism Mantra Ritual over a child who is affected by Upari Badha, Black Magic Spells, Evil-Eye, Dangerous Ghosts and Spirits and any other kind of harmful paranormal energy.

The exorcism ritual make the use of a Navnath Panthiya Mantra dedicated to Guru Gorakhnath along with a special procedure, which makes the use of a fuse to free the child from these harmful energies.

The Siddhi over this Buri Badha-Hawa-Atma, Bhoot-Pret, Jadu Tona, Buri Bala Nashak Mantra is gained by the Nath Panthiya Sadhak by fully memorizing the Mantra and be able to recall it in a fluent and unfaltering manner at will. To be able to practice this Mantra it is essentail that the Sadhak has been initiated into the Panth. Others can also try the Mantra Prayog, but they should be very well versed with the procedures and rules followed by advanced Sadhaks of the Nath Panth.

The Upari Hawa Nashak Mantra Prayog is practiced as described below.

1] The practitioner has to make a fuse, like the one which is used to light firecrackers.

2] This fuse should be dipped in Alsi Ka Tel [Linseed flax-seed oil in the English Language] and lit. It is essential that the fuse should be made properly and it should burn slowly.

3] While, the fuse is burning, the practitioner should chant the Exorcism Mantra given below 31 times and then blow his breath over the body of the child who is suspected of being affected by Jadu Tona, Buri Nazar or Bahari Hawa.

3] A little bit of the Alsi Ka Tel should also be sprinkled on the body of the child.

This Navnath Panthiya Upari Hawa Aur Badha Nivaran Mantra Prayog is said to remove the accumulated malefic vibratory energies, which has affected the child.

ॐ कायाकल्प कपाट वज्र लंका अलट पलंका पलट दूर दूर टोना नज़र आदेश गुरु का मंत्र फुरो वाचा शब्द साँचा ईश्वरोवाचा दुहाई गुरु गोरखनाथ की ||
Om Kaayaakalp Kapaat Vajra Lanka Aalat Palanka Palat Door Door Tona Nazar Aadesh Guru Ka Mantra Furo Vaachaa Shabd Saanchaa Ishvarovaachaa Duhai Guru Gorakhnath Ki ||


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