Nath Panth Vashikaran Mantra

The Vashikaran Mantra given by me in this post, as you will notice invokes three of the Nine Masters Gorakshanath, Kanifnath and Macchindranath. The Vashikaran Sadhana comprises of Mantra Chanting and the use of a Dhuni [a Hindu fire ritual] and the application of a Tilak. In this post, is given the method to perform this attraction experiment.

The Mantra Sadhana can be performed on any Solar or Lunar Eclipse. The practitioner should sit facing the east and prepare a Dhuni; he can use a Pure Copper Havan Kund Fire Utensil and make a Dhuni of Pure Desi Cow Ghee [pure clarified butter of a cow] and Pure Pooja Guggul [Indian bdellium] and Pure Pooja Desi Camphor as the ingredients for making the Dhuni.

The after lighting the Dhuni in the Havan Kund the practitioner should chant the Vashikaran Mantra 108 time, using a Rudraksha Counting Mala. This entire Sadhana has to be done for 10 days without taking a break to gain Mastery.

किसी भी नर-नारी को वश करने का अचूक नाथ पंथीय वशीकरण मंत्र
Infallible Navnath Panthiya Vashikaran Mantra to Attract any Man-Woman

A Navnath Sampradaya Vashikaran Spell for Attraction
Nath Panth Vashikaran Mantra

Then for the actual practice, he has to take a little bit of Gorochana in his right hand and infuse it with the Vashikaran Mantra, by chanting the Mantra 21 times. Then he has to mix the Gorochana in a little bit of water to prepare a paste, which he has to apply as a Tikal on his forehead.

However sees him with the Tilak on his forehead will automatically become enchanted by him and come under his spell of attraction.

To repeat the experiment the next day or any other time, he has to repeat only the second part of the experiment of infusing the Gorochana 21 times and applying the Tilak on his forehead.

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  1. Neel Sir,
    How long can the effect of a normal vashikaran Tilaka last? In this post it seems to be one day only. Please clarify about this as it is important to help me choose the right mantra vidhi. Thanks again Sir.

    1. The effects of the Tilak will last as long as it remains on the forehead.
      To do it again only the second part given in the last paragraph has to be repeated.

  2. Sir original gorochan is not available easily.any substitute for it. Thanks

  3. Dear sir kindly post one article explaining the procedure of puja done prior to inotiation of any sadhna, like sankalp taking,ganesh pujan bhairav pujan,and etc. In a stepwise manner. Thanks


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