Vishala Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

The Vishala Yakshini Mantra Sadhana is commenced in the Hindu Month of Ashad, in the period of theVishakha Nakshatra [Alpha Libroe], during 3rd Prahara of the night, this falls at around 3 O’clock in the night.; sitting under a Datura Tree [(Brugmansia Arborea]; in a Smashan Bhoomi[Graveyard].

The Sadhak has to sit on a skin of a Donkey. A Tribhujakaar Havan Kund [Havan Kund shaped like a Triangle] has to be prepared. An idol of the God Aditya has to be installed in the center of the Havan Kund and oil has to be applied to it. Then Vishala Yakshini Mantra given here has to be chanted 108 times.

After every chant an Ahuti [offering] of Oil and Rice Grains is offered to the Havan. The Last Ahuti is of Wine and Meat; after which the Sadhak has to go back to his home; without even once glancing back over his shoulder. The Sadhak continues the Sadhana everyday till success is gained.

A Mantra for invoking the fearsome Vishala Yakshini
Vishala Yakshini Mantra

The Vishala Yakshini is said to be as tall as a Peepal [Sacred Fig] Tree. She walks kicking the ground with her feet. She harasses and troubles in numerous ways. The hairs of the head cover the face. As she starts growing so do her limbs and head. Her teeth are protruding from her mouth. Due to her height, it is not possible to know her age.

Before she manifests, there are sounds of wild beasts, screaming and growling. The sound of what she speaks is heard only in the Southern Direction. The Sadhak must not loose his concentration and focus and get frightened; in case he does, he falls ill or where ever he goes he will hear only her words.

If the Sadhak succeeds in invoking and pleasing her; he gets a Boon of unlimited wealth and treasure. If he fails then she destroys not only the Sadhak; but his entire family. This is an extremely fearsome Sadhana which some Aghori Tantriks are known to practice.

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    As I have gone through your yakshini mantra,i found you mentioning that many tantriks are known to practice, can you elaborate and tell me if you yourself have ever met any successful tantrik ever?secondly you have given mantras but not mentioned the detail way of doing sadhna(danda yakshini),will you please mail me. Lastly how can I get one-o-one interaction regarding the sadhna,and get proper detal knowledge.
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