Miraculous Vashikaran Mantra for Friendship

I have been specifically informed by an advanced Sadhak that this is a Miraculous Vashikaran Mantra Sadhana for friendship; practiced to become friends with anyone; howsoever difficult the desired friendship might seem. The Devi Mantra might sound familiar but the specific Sadhana is rare and performed in secrecy by advanced Tantriks.

This experiment has to be practiced continiously for 15 days, beginning with a Friday falling in the Shukla Paksha. You have to bring either one of these three ingredients - Chikni Mitti, Multani Mitti or Wheat Dough. Then you have also to bring some Yellow colored flowers and extract the juice from these flowers.

Then the juice has to be mixed with the ingredient I have mentioned above to prepare an Oil Lamp [Diya].

Then at night you have to wear Yellow colored clothes and sit on a Yellow colored mat; light the Diya with Sesame [Til] oil and put a few drops of Chameli [Jasmine] Perfume into it.

After completing all of the above you have to chant 5 Malas of the Vashikaran Mantra mentioned here using either a Sphatik, Sandalwood or a Haldi Mala.

The name of the person whose friendship you seek has to be taken in the place where I have used brackets.

किसी भी लड़के-लड़की से दोस्ती करने वाला चमत्कारी वशीकरण मंत्र इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश 
Magical Vashikaran Mantra for Being Friends with any Boy-Girl in Hindi and English 

A Mantra practiced in secrecy to gain friendship
Miraculous Vashikaran Mantra for Friendship

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  1. Dear Guruji, I have a question.
    You are saying we have to chant 5 malas. Does that mean 5 * 108 times using those malas (garland made of chandan or spatik or haldi)?
    so, totally we should chant 540 times, right?

  2. Sir will this mantra work on girls?because even I am a girl?

  3. Should initial also be chanted sir?

    1. This is a friendship mantra; sex of the person does not matter; the spoken name of the person should be chanted

  4. kis direction me face karke pooja karna hai.....

  5. Two questions:

    1. Should I use the same dough made lamp the next day, or a different one shall be made?

    2. Now this question might be very funny: If I wish to be friends with
    Shri. Barack Obama, can I use this mantra, or it should be limited to people who know and recognise me?

  6. Neel Sir, do we have to use a new lamp everyday or the same lamp can be used?

    Also, is it useful to convert acquaintances into friends or if we like any person who doesn't know but I like him, into a friend, still this can be used?

    1. The same lam can be used and if it get damaged prepare a new one and after the completion of the Mantra Sadhana immerse it in a water body.
      Yes it can be used to build freindship with people who don't know you.

  7. Is this vashikaran mantra harmful for whom I have to do friendship with?

  8. Namaste Guriji, I started this sadhana with complete faith but I'm unable to continue as I'm put in shift during night. Should this sadhana be done only during night hours or can I continue in the morning or afternoon as time permits. I want to do this sadhana the next coming shukla paksha. Can I start the ritual next month as I have missed today. Please reply Guruji. I'm facing some or the other obstacle either within my mind or some other obstacle. Wat precautions can be taken when starting of with a long term sadhana so that we can complete without any obstacles. Please reply Guruji.

    1. The night ritual for this Vashikaran Mantra Sadhana is important and if has to be performed.

  9. Sir, when we should start this mantra, and what is procedure?

  10. i want to know does this sadhana have any side effects?

  11. Sir please explain how to use this mantra in tamil plzzz sir .my friend broken my friendship sir .i want that girl friendship agin sir . plzzzzz tel tamil languages sir

  12. Dear Neel Sir ji, can I make friendship with any god/demigod using this mantra.

  13. guruji nobody attracted me boys/girls please give suggestion which mantra better to vashikarna

  14. Dear guruji nobody attracted towords me plz any mantras to vishikarna please guruji so many friends are enimies now


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