Shiva on Maran Mantras

Maran Prayog or a Mantra Sadhana to kill and destroy an enemy is the most Aghori and Tamsik of the numerous fearsome Hindu Mantra and Tantra Sadhanas. Some of the Sadhanas; including Maran Sadhanas have been published on this site as part of the exercise to impart knowledge on secret Indian religious texts.

Knowledge of the Aghori Sadhanas was given to Dattatreya by Shiva . Before imparting this knowledge Shiva also spoke about the rules to be followed by those who had gained Siddhi over such Tantra. Some of the more important points, spoken by Shiva are highlighted by me for the benefit of Sadhaks.

Maran Prayog should never be used unnecessarily; it should only be practiced when one’s life is in danger. This Prayog is only for self protection and nothing else.

If fools and idiots conduct Maran Prayogs; they will end up destroying themselves and not their enemies. Maran Prayog should never be used against the one who has gained Siddhi over Atma Rakshan [Mastery over the Tantra of Self Protection].

If the need is felt to protect your life and those of your dependants; then you can surely use this Tantra.

If the one who has realized BRAHMAN uses the Tantra it is not said to be Aghori because such a realized person sees God in everything. As opposed to this the one who conducts Maran Prayog becomes a equal partner in that particular sin.

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  1. Is there a mantra which can deflect the effects of maran prayog?

    1. Use bagalamukhi moola mantra to reverse or defeat maran mantra


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