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14 Lal Kitab Remedies for Pisces

In the quest to give unique remedies, for all the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac, from the mystical Hindu Text; the Lal Kitab, we now come to 12th and last sin of Pisces; Meen Rashi. I have given 14 unique pieces of advice from the Lal Kitab for this sign.

9 Lal Kitab Remedies for Capricorn

9 main remedial measures are prescribed for Capricorn; Makar Rashi, in the Mystical Work the Lal Kitab. I have highlighted them in simple terms; natives of this astrology sign can try 1 or more of the remedies given below. 1] Avoid Extra- Marital Relations and aspiring for any Man or Woman; other than your life partners.

11 Lal Kitab Remedies for Aquarius

In this post are 11 unique Lal Kitab Advises and Remedies for the astrological sign Aquarius; Kumbh Rashi. 1] Wearing Gold on the body is considered auspicious for Aquarians.

10 Lal Kitab Remedies for Sagittarius

Now we come to the 10th astrological sign Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi. There are in my opinion 10 major remedies or remedial measures for this Rashi in the Lal Kitab. 1] Beware and stay clear of any Sadhu – Sant; wearing a Yellow Colored Attire.

14 Lal Kitab Remedies for Scorpio

The Lal Kitab offers 14 advises, specific to the zodiac sign of Scorpio; Vrishchik Rashi; these have been highlighted below for the information of readers and not to induce anyone to follow them or to spread blind faith and  superstition among the masses. 1] Keep some Pure Honey and Pure Kumkum in some small Earthen Pots in your residence.

10 Lal Kitab Remedies for Libra

Libra the seventh astrological sign of the zodiac; known in Hindi as Tula Rashi has been given 10 main advises in the mystical Indian text; the Lal Kitab. I have given these 10 advices in simple language for the benefit of Librans. 1] Have complete faith in God.

Mantra - Yantra for fear of Imprisonment

I am publishing a specific Mantra – Yantra Sadhana to remove fear of arrest and imprisonment and fear from the authorities.  People who are living in continuous fear of trouble from the government and police can practice this Prayog. However remember this Prayog will help you only if truth is on your side and not if you have committed heinous crimes and wish to avoid punishment.

9 Lal Kitab Remedies for Virgo

Virgo; Kanya Rashi; the sixth astrology sign of the zodiac, has 9 important advisories contained in the scripture the Lal Kitab. Follow 1 or more of those remedies whichever you like; that is if you have faith in the Lal Kitab. 1] If you are the parent of a girl child, then put a Nose Ring made of Silver in her nose.

Secret Settlements on Jupiter Asteroids

Of course any successfully evolving species from Earth animals must keep producing new young. Then as these new young mature able to themselves produce newer young, their parents must die before too long. This usefully leaves properly needed living space etc. opened for their or other matured descendants, a rare few of which will inherit recent rare good lucky genetic mutation accidents, needful for a species to survive better in the future against competing also naturally evolving species. Bisexual reproduction had thus been absolutely critically required to most importantly make many Earth animal species successfully evolve ever better over millennia, to be able to remain long surviving evolving advancing species.

10 Lal Kitab Remedies for Leo

The Lal Kitab gives 10 remedies for the astrological sign Leo; Simha Rashi in Devnagri. These are 10 unique advisories for the natives born under this sign. It is not necessary to practice all 10 of them; following 1 or more of them is also considered as beneficial for Leos. 1] Always eat some sweet food item and then only participate or take part in any auspicious occasion or go for any important work, like job interview or business meetings.

9 Lal Kitab Remedies for Cancer

After Gemini we come to the astrology sign of Cancer; Karka Rashi in Hindi. In this post are 9 selected Lal Kitab remedies; this is in fact some advice given in the text to those born under the sign Cancer. Readers can follow 1 or more of these 9 dos or don’ts; that is if they have a firm conviction that such Paranormal Remedies really work.

Husband - Wife Attraction Charm - 4

If you husband is angry with you and has stopped loving you then this is another one of the Husband – Wife Attraction Charms. This is a Yantra specific to the very purpose of making you attractive and enchanting in the eyes of your angry husband and make him reciprocate your love.

8 Lal Kitab Remedies for Gemini

Gemini or Mithun Rashi is the third of the astrology signs and like every other sign; the Lal Kitab prescribes certain remedial measures for this sign. There are 8 basic remedies which have been given below for the benefit of the followers of the Lal Kitab. 1] The natives of Gemini have been advised in the Lal Kitab to clean their teeth and gums with Turti [Alum Crystal].

Yantra to remove Unwanted Lover

If you wish to remove an unwanted lover from your life; the one whose love you do not reciprocate from your life there is a specific Yantra Prayog in the Vashikaran Tantra which promises to do so. The Yantra works as a powerful charm to make the unwelcome forget you and erases the unwanted love he has for you from his heart.

9 Lal Kitab Remedies for Taurus

These are 9 Lal Kitab remedies for those born under the astrological sign of Taurus [ Vrishaba Rashi].  These are some dos and don’ts for those with belief in such remedial advise given in ancient Hindu Astrological texts. 2] Be careful of harbouring or indulging in excess Kamavasana [ Sexual Desire and Activity].

7 Lal Kitab Remedies for Aries

These are 7 remedies from the ancient Indian text, the Lal Kitab for people born under the Sign Aries[ Mesh Rashi]. 1] Never accept anything from anyone for free. Give something, no matter how insignificant, in return. 2] Use a red coloured Tie or Handkerchief; brings luck.

Lona Chamari Mohini Mantra

A lot of Shabar Mantra; including some which have been published on this site in the past invoke Lona Chamari. The name Chamari originates from the word Chamar; the Cobbler Caste of India.  The mantra given here is a Lona Chamari Mohini Mantra; used for the attraction of females. Lona Chamarin is a much used phrase in Vashikaran and Mohini Mantras. Lona Chamari or Chamarin was said to be a most powerful Siddha practitioner of the Shabar Tantra in the early Middle Ages.

Kali Mantra for Eye Diseases and Pain

This is a Kali Mantra Mantra for all kinds of Eye related ailments and painful conditions.  You will most certainly notice the words “Jai Kali Kalkatte Wali” in the first line of the mantra; the popular chant to address Kali Mata. The mantra is a special kind of Shabar Mantra also addressing Hanuman, Shiva and Parvati; along with the Guru; the Navnath Masters.

Muslim Rakhwali Mantra

Today I am publishing a Muslim Rakhwali Mantra; Rakhwali means to keep a protective watch over someone or something, like a gaurdian and this Shabar Mantra is actually for that very purpose to keep a protective watch over the Sadhak, while the Sadhak is travelling through dangerous terrain.

Hanuman Mantra for safety from Snow Storms

This is an ancient Shabar Hanuman Mantra for safety from Snow Storms. Such powerful mantras were mastered by the extremely advanced Yogis of ancient India. Such Sadhanas and Prayogas are extremely difficult to master in today’s times when malefic and weak frequencies are dominant in the atmosphere' remember if are in the Age of Darkness. Nevertheless I will explain in this post how this Sadhana was practiced and mastered for the benifit of someone who is a highly advanced Sadhak.

Different Human Futures in Space

Considered here have been 2 mildly different advanced human futures, especially up in space. In both, starting down on Earth, for desired new born babies, some very progressive parents will do what's needed to quietly gain, (from some nicely capable well advanced human chromosomes genetics experts around the world), ever better developed advanced biologically improved internal cellular &/or genetic modifications good for longer living much reduced aging and much healthier humans.

A Wish Fulfilling Mantra for Diwali

The holy and auspicious festival of Diwali is most beneficial for whose wishing to fulfil their hopes and aspiration through the chanting of special and unique mantras.  I am publishing today a special and unique mantra for Diwali. This is said to be a Manokamana or Wish fulfilling Karya Siddhi Mantra for all Wishes including money, business, job, love, marriage and health.

Simple Remedies for Heart Patients - 2

These are some more simple Indian remedies to control and aid in curing Heart diseases.  These remedies are from the numerous unique such remedies which are part of the traditional Indian Folk Medicine and Healing practices which are still being prescribed by traditional Healers in India. However I would advise you to consult your Doctor before practising any of these remedies.

Try this Remedy to regain Lost Libido

Libido or Desire is nothing but natures trigger to ensure that humans reproduce and humanity is never extinguished; without Libido there can be no reproduction and continuity of the human race. A variety of factors are responsible for the lack or reduction of Libido in humans ; more so today; than ever before in the history of the world. An extremely simple and cost effective home remedy is given in this post for those who have lost their Libido and wish to restore it.

Remedies for Body Pain due to Hard Work

Body pain and aches due to hard work and labour is a condition most people experience many times in their lives. Some people whose profession ensures that a lot of physical activity is involved are more prone to this condition for obvious reasons. Most over the counter painkillers if consumed over a period of time give rise to side effects and addiction and the system becomes immune to them and they prove to be useless.

Kuber Puja Mantra

In today’s world and times, money is given the most importance. This is the reason why everyone is so engrossed in getting more and more money. But out of these multitudes of people, only a select few are successful in getting as much money as they yearn for.

Is Narendra Modi an Avatar

India which is going to be at the forefront in the coming World Climax has a lot of prophecies attributed to her, in the various Centuries of Nostradamus. A lot of them were interpreted by me in past few years; this included the ones related to Narendra Modi. Though not clear, it appears that some prophecies can be interpreted as meaning that Narendra Modi is an Avatar. An agent of change; the one who triggers off the change from the current political structure to a new and entirely different system of governance. Any agent of change will have immense opposition as those for status quo will see him as a huge threat; the one seeking to destroy their hard earned status.

Hinduism's 5 Great Sacrifices

Pancha Maha Yajna or the 5 great sacrifices have been spoken about in the Vedas. This is not a complicated or difficult task at all; in fact it is a very simple Sadhana and even a lay person can easily practice it. The Pancha Yajnya were practised to purify the mind and body of etheric impurities. An etheric body is the invisible energy or aura which surrounds the physical body.

Super Advanced Robotic Lifeforms

Since the new created pseudo "life" form of super brainy advanced robots did very well, mixed among us, smartly choosing activities predicted to raise appreciation from many of us, settlers became contentedly satisfied having more of them created to be helpfully mixed among us. Many became curious what completely new inventions some of them might devise. Some should surely be interestingly different from what past humans had been inventing and improving.

Jadu Tona Bhoot Pret Removing Mantra

In the Hindi Language this Mantra is called as the Jadu Tona Bhoot Pret Bhaganewala Mantra; meaning the Mantra to remove Black Magic and Ghosts and make them run away. This Mantra is from the Navnath Sampradaya of Shabar Mantras. In this post I will tell you how it can be Mastered and used to exorcise  possessed people .

Mantra Sadhana to Energize Hatha Jodi

The Hatha Jodi or the Pair of Arms is a most popular Hindu Good Luck Charm. This Charm is a part of the roots of a tree resembling a pair of arms with closed palms. This Lucky Charm is believed in India to give protection, wealth and all sorts of comfort to the owner. The Hatha Jodi has a lot of diverse uses in Tantric Rituals; including the Tantra of Vashikaran, Akarshan and Mohini Vidya.

Positioning Fuk, Luk and Sau as per Feng Shui

Fuk, Luk and Sau are three Chinese Gods which you would normally find in the home of most Chinese people. Keeping these three deities in the house is considered as most auspicious by the Followers of Buddhism, Taoism as well as those having a firm belief in Feng Shui. These idols are not kept separately, but together and are seen normally affixed on a platform.

Three Paths of Tantra Mantra Sadhana

IndiianTantra Shastra has given three basic Margs or Paths for practising Mantra Sadhana and gaining Siddhi over it. The first two are diverse from each other; whereas the third Path is a Mixed or Middle Path; taking some benefits from the other two. All Mantra, Tantra and Yantra Sadhanas are broadly divided into these three Margs. The Sadhak on the Path of Discovery has to be clear in his mind, which one he wishes to pursue.

Position of Chandelier in Feng Shui

The Chandelier which you normally associate as a decorative piece has been attributed specific properties in Feng Shui.  This Charm is believed to strengthen love, affection and co-operation among the family members or people living together in a house. It is also believed to be lucky for an unmarried person residing in the house who is hoping to find a suitable  marriage partner .

Panchmukhi Hanuman Mantra to remove Poison

This is the Panchamukhi Hanuman Mantra for removing poisoning. Panchamukhi; meaning the one with 5 heads, is one of the forms of Hanuman. This Mantra is useful for remove the poison from scorpion sting, snake bite dog bite, rat bite and poisoning as a result of bites of poisonous insects and animals. The Mantra can also be used to remove poison from coming in contact with poisonous plants, metals and other such substances.

Will Syria Attack Trigger Of World War 3

Will the attack on Syria trigger of World War 3? I have used the word “the” instead of “a” purposely, as it seems near certain the US lead coalition is hell bent on war; at any cost. France has turned out to be the biggest supporter of the US sponsored military action. In the past few years we have published some startling prophecies of Nostradamus and what will trigger off World War 3 , where it will take place, what will be the consequences and what it means for the World. We are not certain if the attack on Syria will be the cause of World War 3. However all the Quatrains of Nostradamus, which I think are related to this great and destructive war, which probably cumulates in a World Climax, are broadly indicative of the following events?  These are the 10 landmark events; there are still a lot more contained in the Prophecies of Nostradamus.

Auspicious Photos as per Feng Shui

Feng Shui recommends that certain kinds of photos or paintings for some specific purposes, wishes  and want in life be kept in the home. In this post I will tell you about some of the more important of the Feng Shui recommendations about such photos and in which direction of the house to hang them. A green picture or painting is considered to be most auspicious for good luck in attracting money. The South- East Direction in the home is considered to be the Money Direction of the house; this direction is presided over by the Wood Element. Hence any picture of greenery, lawns, green trees, lush green meadows, fruits, flowers or creepers can be hung in this direction to become luck in Money Matters.

Kuber Vashikaran Mantra

The Kuber Vashikaran Mantra is probably the most powerful and effective of the Kuber Mantras which are chanted for getting money and all kinds of wealth. This Prayoga is an experiment for attracting the custodian of wealth Kubera in to your life. Today I will explain how to perform this Sadhana in detail.

Super Brainy Artificial Life Forms

New devised advances for super capable complex computer minds, in the most highly advanced trial new robots, included quite easily eliminating well our old past worries about letting super advanced brainy robots become too able to selfishly too totally self-modify their mental programing. Such new super advanced brainy robots, able to compare results predicted from future possible activities, would raise mental satisfactions when acomplishing things good for us too, while they would conversely avoid things predicted to raise resentments from too many of us.

Hanuman Remedy if nothing seems to work

This is an easy Hanuman remedy for those who experience that they are tasting failure and nothing seems to work; no matter how hard they attempt to accomplish a particular task or goal. This remedy also invokes Shri Ram and Sita and is easy to perform by anyone in need of Satvik Divine help.

Yantra for Intellect and Memory

This is a Prayog conducted to increase memory. The Prayog makes use of unique numbers of a specified frequency the sum total of which is a most powerful Yantra. However the procedure of utilizing this Yantra is different from the usual way which such Yantras and Charms are prepared and used.

Mantras: How To Love Yourself

While it's important to show love to the people who are important in your life, it's also extremely important to love yourself. If you don't love yourself, it can be next to impossible for you to love others, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Unfortunately though, we don't always love ourselves in the ways we truly deserve. We're all beautiful human beings who deserve love, but sometimes we need a little help when it comes to self love. If you'd like to learn to love yourself more, so to make your entire existence more pleasant and meaningful, here are four great ways to help increase the love you feel for yourself.

Remedies for Cracks in Heels

Cracks in the heels are a commonplace occurrence in the middle aged and the elderly. Some young people also suffer from this condition; though not serious or life threatening; it can cause discomfort, pain and sometimes even bleeding. These are 4 Indian remedies which are used to treat heel fissures and remove the cracks. The remedies which make use of harmless ingredients can be tried by those having severe heel fissures. Any of the 4 remedies can be practised.