Try this Remedy to regain Lost Libido

Libido or Desire is nothing but natures trigger to ensure that humans reproduce and humanity is never extinguished; without Libido there can be no reproduction and continuity of the human race. A variety of factors are responsible for the lack or reduction of Libido in humans; more so today; than ever before in the history of the world. An extremely simple and cost effective home remedy is given in this post for those who have lost their Libido and wish to restore it.

This Indian remedy can be tried by those striving to regain their lost Libido. The ingredients for this remedy are harmless and have no side effects; however a word of caution; consult your Doctor to ascertain, whether they suit your system.

The remedy requires these 4 ingredients -
1 table spoon juice of a White Onion
1 teaspoon Honey
1 teaspoon fresh Ginger juice
1 teaspoon Pure Ghee [Clarified Butter of either a Cow or Buffalo]

Mix all of the 4 ingredients which I have mentioned above thoroughly and then consume them every morning. Prepare a fresh mixture every morning.

This remedy if practised for 21 days continuously is said to restore back the lost Libido. Even women can try this remedy, if they are experiencing lack of drive and desire. You can also have a look at the other remedies given on this site for the same purpose.

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