Try this remedy for Summer Fatigue

Summer fatigue is a common condition which triggers of tiredness and lethargy along with a feeling of being burnt out. Some people are more prone to being completely drained out due to extreme heat; this has a lot to do with variations and fluctuations in the temperature levels of different individuals.

Different kinds of home remedies are practised in most parts of the world to ease the discomfort; the one I have given here is an Indian Remedy; said to be an effective antidote against summer fatigue. You can safely try this remedy as there are absolutely no harmful side effects.

Take the following ingredients –
1 teaspoon Coriander Seeds [Dhaniya in Hindi]
½ teaspoon Cumin Seeds [Jeera in Hindi]
2 pieces Amsul; Kokam in Hindi and Purple Mangosteen in English

And keep them soaked overnight in a cup of water. In the morning take the ingredients out of the water; crush them with your hand; add a little bit of Sugar, as per taste and then consume.

This home remedy has to be practised every morning for at least a week to take effect.

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