Try This Remedy For Lice

The impurities which have accumulated in the body and the smelly sweat, resulting from these impurities are the real cause of Lice in the hair; along with person to person contact with someone infected with Lice. Lice can be permanently eradicated without applying any harmful tonics or shampoos to the hair by the use of certain Homoeopathic Remedies.

The recommended medicines are given here by me as a guideline; however the treatment has to be monitored by an Homoeopath. You can try these medicines if you suffer from this irritating problem as there can be uncontrollable itching. It can also be most embarrassing if some Lice crawl out from your head in front of everyone. These medicines have no harmful side effects and promote healthy hair.

On the first Sunday take – Sulphur 200
The next Sunday take – Psorinum 200
Everyday take Acid Carb 30 after both the meals.
Continue this treatment for 2 to 3 months and you will be free from Lice.

These simple yet effective home remedies can also be tried safely for hair related problems.
Simple remedies for strong and healthy hair.
Traditional Indian remedies using lime as a hair and teeth cleanser
Traditional Indian remedy for hair fall
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