Gayatri Mantra for Good Progeny

The miraculous Gayatri Mantra has diverse uses in this post is the Sadhana of using the Gayatri Mantra for giving birth to Good and Heathy Progeny. This Prayog is for the childless, those have stillbirth, abortions, and defective children. The Prayog is also for those who are having only female children and wish to have a male child. The Goddess Gayatri surely blesses those who worship her with a pure heart.

The Prayog should be performed by both the husband and wife as it becomes more powerful with the participation of both the partners. The Sadhana is practiced in the morning after a bath. The Sadhak has to wear clean white clothes, face the East Direction, close the eyes and visualize the Gayatri Mata as being teenager, wearing jewels and holding a lotus flower in her hand.

The “Yai” Samput is to be added at the beginning of the Mantra, this enhances it potency and directs it to the relevant parts of the body. The Sadhak has to chant the Mantra 108 times, using a Putrajeeva Mala. The Sadhak while chanting the Mantra has to direct it towards his or her reproductive organs [ imaging the vibrations of the Mantra are filling these parts.

While performing the Sadhana the Sadkak must eat white food products like milk, rice, curd etc. on Sundays. The wife can take a break during the monthly cycle, but the husband must continue the Sadhana.

A Gayatri Mantra Sadhana for giving birth to healthy children
 Gayatri Mantra for getting Good Progeny

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  1. Hi Sir, can u pls suggest an online store where i can get a genuine mala.

  2. Can only the wife practice this sadhana and should one perform this only on sundays? & should one abstain from non veg during these days?

  3. For how ,many days we have to do this sadhana sir?


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