Gupt Dhan Mantra Sadhana

This is a Gupt Dhan Mantra Sadhana, Gupt Dhan mean hidden wealth or treasure. Approximately 3 to 4 generations back, there was much less population and there were a lot of scattered villages and towns; with some distance between them. Also police stations, banks, communication and transport did not exist in the manner it does now.

Hence it was a common practice among our ancestors to bury their valuables in a safe location; either in a Pot [Handi] or a Trunk. This was to protect it from thieves, dacoits and also against invading armies. Over a period of time, such hidden treasure remained hidden, due to a variety of reasons. Some people discovered it and quietly became rich and wealthy; others were caught while trying to dispose of the treasure which did not rightly belong to them and the treasure was confiscated by the authorities.

Those who strongly believe that there is Gupt Dhan, hidden somewhere in their house or land can try this Prayog if they so wish. The following Sadhana will definitely help such people.

Before going to sleep the following Mantras can be chanted 108 times. The first mantra is for the Kula Purusha. The Kula Purusha is the founder of your race; the original man from whom you descended; the first ancestor. The second is the famous Laxmi Mantra.

This Sadhana must be sincerely practised for 45 day, without fail. Woman should take a break during the Monthly Cycle.

A Mantra to find hidden treasure
Gupt Dhan Mantra 

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  1. what will happen after 45 days???

  2. What if there is no wealth hidden anywhere?

    Will it take us to the closest land having wealth hidden?

  3. Namaskar Neel bhai,

    1) On which night mantra should be started ?

    2) Asan colour ?

    3) which mala ?

    4) which side facing ?

  4. What for females hw will they complete 45 days

  5. Really what will happen. I've been trying from two years but i never got sucess in founding hidden treasure. Many guruji's came but no use. Are there any mantras to pin point the exact place of hidden treasure.

  6. is there any one who can take out hidden treasure if someone are there den tell me

    1. I have expert in this field... 100% work guranteed.. you can contact me on 8286829722

    2. i calling ur noumber maney times but always uot of service.if u got my reply plz calling me this my noumber 9079516094

  7. There are always serious risk to do that, In our state, there are lots of treasure and maximum of them cursed and protected by powerful spirits. Seeker Without knowing correct method and to banish spirits can face dangerous consequences. All I meant treasures are mostly protected by spirits. Its better idea to leave them alone, Many people died and disappeared because of these.

    1. (y) Absolutely true..the hidden treasures are also bound by secret mantras. The treasures have ownership too and it is meant for matter after how many generations.

  8. Dear neelji,
    In my surroundings,we have been heard so many stories regarding hidden treasures. I want to study in abroad so that I need huge money which my family cannot bear that. I have been trying for more than two years. So many babas and gurujis came to help and demand some amount to take it back. We lost so much money and all attempts went to vain.I'm from Tirupati,Andra Pradesh.Is any one genuinely done it.Contact me plss
    If not,could you please guide me how to perform that rituals.My family is facing so many financial problems and my father physiological condition is very bad. Help me for my education.I want to study.


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