How to take Mantra Diksha and Sankalp

A common question asked most often is how to take the Sankalp or Diksha for a Mantra Sadhana or a Stotra. In most of the cases care is taken to give the complete procedure. In case of certain common and popular Satvik Mantras, like the Gayatri or Maha Mrityunjaya Mantras this procedure is left to the reader. However if you wish to take a Sankalp or Diksha; then a simple procedure is given here.

If you wish to commence the chanting of any particular Stotra, then on that day you must take a Sankalp [Pledge] and start the Sadhana. Then after that there is no need to take the Sankalp again. A Sankalp is usually taken by taking a couple of teaspoons of water in the palm of your right hand in front of the image or idol of that deity; voice your wish or desire and and then offer the water in your palm to the feet of the deity. In the Sankalp you must also state how many times or for how many days you are going to perform the Sadhana.

If you wish to perform a Mantra Sadhana, then write down that Mantra on a piece of paper; take care that the piece of paper is not spoilt or damaged in any way. Then chant that Mantra slowly in front of the image or idol of that deity 11 times with a feeling that you are taking the Mantra Diksha [Initiation] from that deity and are becoming one with that deity. Then keep the piece of paper in the Pooja Place. Then take the Sankalp in the same way as given above.

if you are a woman, then you can take a gap from the Sadhana for the duration of the monthly periods.

For a lot of Mantras like Vashikaran, Maran ,Yakshini and other Tamas Mantras, the procedure is given in the post itself; if there is no procedure given, then it is to be understood that the taking of Sankalp or Diksha do not apply.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    For example say we are doing Mantra Sandhana for Lord Ganpati, Goddess Mahakali, Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman by chanting their mantra for number of days and to take Sankalp is it fine if we go to temple and take sankalp in front of Peepal Tree as in case of Lord Vishnu and for Goddess Mahakali and other God we take Sankalp by keeping their image in our heard and mind?
    I Hope u r clear about my Question.

    1. Taking Sankalp in mind is known as Manas Sankalp and for an advanced Sadhak it is perfectly all right to do so.

    2. Dear Sir,
      So if we are doing Mantra chanting for different God, than we have to visit different particular temples of the God?


    3. Not necessary to visit a temple, it can be done at home in front of an idol or photo of the deity

    4. @ Thanks Sir for your help...

  2. Dear sir taking deeksha from guru and taking deeksha as you said is one and the same thing.

  3. Thanks for your help sir, Diksha Neel

  4. Dear Sir, please suggest daily chanting for Lord Shiva.

  5. Hello sir,

    I was wondering would doing a diksha or sankalp be mandatory in doing vashikaran or would it just be of a small help? Thanks.

  6. Neel Sir,
    In this post you mean "BOTH" Sankalpa and Diksha are not nesassary when performing a mantra vidhi like Yakshini and Vashikaran Mantras? I hope I have understood your point clearly. Please reply again Sir.

  7. I am 39 year old women. My elder brother took sankalp and get Mahamrityunjay pooja from Pandits for me. During pooja, I went through mensurational cycle. Will that impact.

  8. Is sankalp nesseray for mahamritunjay mantra...?

  9. Pranam,

    Please tell something about guru mantra diksha. Now a days many gurus give diksha in absence of disciple via mobile, electronically written or voice recorded. Please do tell us is it a legitimate process to give diksha via such a modern medium. Or diksha can only be given in the ear of disciple by guru after performing yogyopaveet and other sanskars. Please have a light on this subject as this will help others also. Many Thanks.


  10. Sir, what if a sadhak took sankalp of some thing but he didn't able to complete it.then what should he do for praschit so that the deity didn't get angry on him.


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