Mantra for Peepal Tree

The Peepal Tree; Sacred Fig or the “Asvattha” in Sanskrit, has had its own special place in the Hindu Religion since ancient times. Devotees will note that this tree is invariably found in the vicinity of a temple.

This tree is also said to be the symbol of Vishnu; the Protector of humanity. This is the reason it has the qualities of knowledge, wisdom, health, wealth, enlightenment and knowledge attributed to it.

The worship of the Peepal Tree is said to be the same as worshipping Vishnu himself. If you worship Vishnu, you will automatically incur the blessings of Laxmi. This will tell you how auspicious and important, Peepal worship is considered in India. You can also find more information - Here

A specific Mantra for the worship of this tree is given here. White Sesame Seeds [Safed Til] are mixed in some Milk and then this Mantra has to be offered to the trunk of the tree. This Sadhana is performed while chanting the Mantra all the time with devotion and sincerity.

A same mantra with a slight variation is posted Here.

 A Mantra for the worship of the Sacred Fig or Asvattha Tree
Mantra for Peepal Tree

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Please tell it is Mam or Namah because same post u have posted some months back at this link

    and all procedures are also same but last word is different so which is correct?

    1. Namah is correct; the procedure is same with only a minor variation. The Mantra can also be attributed as Peepal Tree Mantra

  2. I asked you in an earlier post about what to do if there is not a peepal tree available. I have a fig tree in my backyard, will that be ok.Please reply.

    1. No it has to be a Peepal Tree as this Sadhana is specific to it.

    2. Namaste, Pranam Guruji,

      Can I worship peepal tree at my rental home...for all d problems... n how can I perform the pooja when I m worshiping n daily pooja plz reply Guruji....

    3. The Peepal tree can be worshipped anywhere, as for the Pooja, it is up to you how you perform it.

  3. pranam neel sir,, I want to ask as offering milk, black til, white til, gangajal, meetha mixed offering to the trunk of peepal tree I do on Saturdays is this I want your advice an query on this plzz reply

    1. It is all right, there should be no problems.

  4. Namaskaram, I hope your blog is still. I begin offering only water from a hose close by the Peepal tree at a Buddhist temple for the past 1 month daily before sunrise and shortly after sunset and recite the Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays before sunrise and shortly after sunset. No other puja items could be found in Thailand so I just offer water from a hose by hosing the root, light a candle, offer some wild flowers, and burn 3 incense sticks.

    But just last week, only once, I made a little mistake. It was a Sunday, I did not realise it, and I offered water. Will this make me poor forever? It is hard to remember if it is a Sunday if you are offering these items to the tree everyday before sunrise and after sunset. Please clarify.

    1. It was an unintentional mistake, so think nothing about it.


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