Brain ability in animals to express

Actually, tests have shown that some other animals such as dogs and chimpanzees can in fact distinguish hearing some different words or phrases, showing by different responses that they have natural animal mental brain ability to learn and associate different meanings to some voiced words or phrases. Thus humans aren't alone in having the ability to associate different meanings to different voiced words or phrases. In fact several other mammals including whales often use varied voiced sounds to express different things to others around them.

Some monkey species in fact voice special "words", learned different between their different tribes, to warn of distinct sighted predators like big snakes, lions, or a half dozen other distinct predator types. The way they voice them in their group indicates if such a sighting warns of an immediate danger, or maybe just seems an unthreatening observation. So actually humans are not unique in communicating using distinct differently voiced "words". (Monkeys and primates have sometimes been noticed also happily laughing like us when having social animal fun with others, or giggling if feeling tickled.)

Of course there's more conveniently obscured than is superficially stated within the proud doctrine of being God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) Special Creations Uniquely having been given Eternal Souls. It obscures what some believers may not care to have too clearly expressed. It conveniently places all other life forms as being so far below us, and so inferior to us, that we then feel we have total rights to freely do as we please with them with little regret, often exploiting them, or killing them for our food, or simply if we feel some plants or lesser animals get in our way, like weeds and pests.

At the same time this doctrine proudly tells believers that we are so uniquely above all else on the planet, that we alone are specially deserving of having enforced respectful protections from possible misdeeds by others, while we quite freely do as we please against all other life forms.

But then if believers may want to take lands from others or kill them, it's not hard to remove them from any such special protections, simply by proclaiming that they had somehow strayed too far outside adequate correct Devoted respectful Worship of God (Allah, Jahveh), thus making them unworthy targets to freely hate and attack, no longer worthy of much if any respect.

So this doctrine also stands as a useful tool to sometimes exploit against others, to let believers then freely do whatever they please against any they may choose to proclaim are bad or evil unworthy foes, or simply are insufficiently or incorrectly worshipful of God (Allah, Jahveh).

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