Swastika Symbol of Ganesha

The Swastika is an ancient Hindu religious symbol; dated back to the early Vedic times. It is a symbol associated with Ganesha; the lord of all beginnings and hence the Swastika stands for an auspicious start to all events in life. Though various meaning have been attributed to the Swastika, the most appropriate one is “The Provider of Good Fortune”.

Somewhere along the way this symbol was discovered and made famous by Hitler’s Nazis, who symbolized it with their Nazi Party as the one who gave a new beginning to the human race. This was an erroneous conclusion; the disastrous results are there for one and all to see.

There are no specific ways mentioned of energizing the Swastika, before wearing it on the body, as a lucky Charm; around the neck or in a ring. However a good way would be with offerings of flowers, incense and the lighting of a lamp of Pure Ghee. The chanting of the Ganesh Mantra which I have written in the Image 108 times is also preferable.

The Swastika is an ancient Hindu religious symbol
Swastika Symbol of Ganesha

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