Ram Mantra for Women Protection

The Ram Mantra for Women Protection is the need of the hour in India. The Kali Yuga has already set in; even five year olds are unsafe; that too in the national capital. Divine protection seems to be the only answer in these troubled times.

This is a simple Mantra Sadhana I found which promises protection not only from potential rapists; but also from the anti social elements who are troubling a woman.

The woman has to take 5 leaves of the Ashoka Tree [Saraca asoca] and first keep them in the Pooja Place at home and apply a Tilak of Kumkum on them. Then she must offer Dhoop and Diya and chant the mantra – Ramaya Namah || [रामाय नमः ||] and remember the image of Shri Ram , with the Bow and Arrow in his hands. Then she must keep the leaves in her purse with a small prayer asking Shri Ram to protect her.

This Prayog has to be commenced on a Friday of the Shukla Paksha of the Hindu Lunar Month. When the leaves become dried, the woman must crush them and keep them is a clean place near the bottom of the trunk of the Ashoka Tree.

After this she can repeat the same Prayog again, however there is no need to wait for the Friday of the Shukla Paksha, it can be repeated on any day.

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  1. Neel Sir...thanks for uploading such beautiful mantra...as this is the another hope for females who are seeking protection in this accidental era...Sir I would like to know few more things about this mantra..How many Rosaries or Chant should be done to energize this & any specific Rosary should be taken...or is there another option if no Asoka Tree is available..and should we keep such pure Leaves with us even on monthly cycles also & which direction should be faced at the time of chanting...Please sir let me know...Thanks! ( I am very sorry to ask u lots of questions but please Sir guide me)

    1. Since this is a devotional Ram Mantra, you can chant it as many times as you wish. You can also keep chanting the Mantra without practicing the Remedy.
      The Mantra Chanting, without the offering of Dhoop/Diya can continue during the Monthly Cycle.
      The Mantra Remedy given is specific to the Ashoka Leaves.

    2. Would b better if you could such more protection tantra-mantra for women.


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