Cylinders Ring World - Part 3

I try to make everything for these presentations of future possibilities scientifically realistically achievable. As I said, centrifugal accelerations now must be corrected from my past error, to correctly be for having a homes cylinder now spun once in 17s: centrifugal force acc. = orbit speed^2 / orbit radius = ( 2 * Pi * orbit radius / one orbit time )^2 / orbit radius = (2 * Pi)^2 * orbit radius / (1 orbit time)^2, [^2 means squared].

Homes cylinders would thus, in their 5 pairs of homes levels, (outside the central 8m radius play park and party volume), now give effective weights (at mid level radii) which I'll show here as % of Earth surface weights: 7m (up in the central park, most comfortably light-weight for relaxing) 9.76%, then 8m (=park surface) had 11.15%. It would be easy here in this central park volume to toss children up to the axis 6m above you, for them to maybe have fun air swimming near the axis. Or you could toss them up to lightly land on the grass across opposite from where you are, or maybe to be playfully caught by someone else across around there, maybe to then toss the giggly child back to you or to someone else.

Then homes 2m levels have waist high radii & % weights: 9m 12.55%, 11m 15.33%, 13m 18.12%, 15m 20.91%, 17m 23.70%, 19m 26.48%, 21m 29.27%, 23m 32.06%, 25m 34.85%, 27m(in outer homes level) 37.64%, thus all quite comfortably under 2/5 Earth surface gravity (9.8m/s^2) weights. So if you want quite light weight living, move into homes levels at smaller radii (nearer the homes cylinder's central axis). Or if wanting not quite as light weights, select from more homes in levels farther out from the axis. If such homes efficiently share adjacent walls, to each have about width 12.5m from a level's circumference, then as I presented earlier, the 5 pairs of homes levels still nicely allow 5 7 9 11 13 2-level homes around each cylinder end to choose from.

Turning now once each 17 seconds means that when jumping out from your outer balcony to easily air swim away somewhere, you'd now have only 8 seconds after your balcony turned around past the cable suspending your homes cylinder, to safely avoid that, thanks to your starting outward velodity from the homes cylinder's spin, while you float out away, and also easily safe to avoid the utilities lines and pipes supplying your homes cylinder. These weren't any problem. It only takes a couple seconds to jump out weightless and safely avoid them, and to most easily air swim or simply float out away.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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