Yantra for Dowry Problems

Today a specific Yantra for a married woman who is having problems from her husband’s family for Dowry is given here in this post. Dowry is a very big social evil which is widespread in most parts of the world; including India. This problem cuts across geographical boundaries, race and religion.

The Yantra has to be drawn on a Chapatti, with Kajal [eye liner]; using a pointed wooden stick for drawing. Then the Chapatti has to be given to a black colored dog to eat. This Prayog has to be performed for 7 days continuously; without a break. The Prayog can be commenced on any day in the morning. The girl can if she wishes do this Prayog in the home of her parents, relative or a friend.

Along with the above Prayog, the girl must on a Monday offer a fistful of Jaggery and 1 Coconut to Shiva; in a Shiva Temple. While offering the 2 items she must say a short prayer that her problem be resolved and that she should find love, peace and harmony in her married life.

A Charm for solving Dowry Problems
Yantra for Dowry Problems

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