Lonely Living Alone In Space

Another early youthful outlook development had been to puzzle much over how any folks could ever come to accept months or even years living far away from any others, such as out in some remote wilderness, or being up alone in any far away space vessel, such as for any suggested exploratory voyage to Luna or Mars, or even orbiting high around Earth. If then living alone, who wouldn't soon come to feel awfully terribly lonely? Might any such person then most sadly come to badly feel ready to quietly die, due to being that confined very much totally alone?

Other youths lacked any solution for such a bad problem which a few people living alone could get stuck with. It must be this reflects humans' strong genetically developed social animal nature to much prefer living and often doing many things with others. Who would want to somehow try living alone for more than just a few days?

Such a deeply developed irresistibly preferred social animal nature had of course become most helpful for we humans to have evolved and survived well against competing mammals. It first helps by promoting lasting satisfying matings, most useful for producing needed fresh descendants. Then this also very helpfully keeps our new young growing up and advancing well, often aided by fond parents to eventually become new needed future parents for our critically needed continuing fresh generations.

Also such a much preferred strongly dominant social animal nature has proven most importantly great for letting us unite for developing and spreading our ever more impressively advancing technology. This has proven most greatly helpful for humans to have become, and to increasingly remain, a top mammal species which no other mammal can begin to compete with, now or in the future. We far prefer being with and working well with others most months, year after year, from childhood through decades of adulthood.

But now, thanks to shared technology developments, it's become a reality that even if someone becomes a lone voyager to some uninhabited place in space, our modern electronics easily provides daily good extended communications with many others, (as well as transmitted daily news plus entertainments to much enjoy in free time, or while doing some needed physical tasks). Thus venturing even far out into space is now nicely saved from letting anyone grow up badly lonely. So this cancels rather well my youthful puzzle over how some might ever become able to stay contented with living far away from others for months or even years.

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