Can we enter the minds of others

Early in primary school, a few of us asked in a simple way, how can it be that each of us always fully perceives (exclusively) one's own current-time conscious thoughts, but never similarly senses what anyone else nearby, even sitting beside us, has within his/her mind, nor the mind of anyone at any other time in the past or future? No one could give any good explanation for how such private conscious awareness works. This therefore got left as an unanswered puzzle.

What can be expanding into someone this kind of self-thinking conscious awareness at all times, (other than dreamless sleep)? Any believer in humans as if being Specially Created by God (Allah, Jahveh), and as if each human had a proudly preferred Eternal Soul, (as had been presented by ancient religious proclamations and doctrines), while pretending that He had Supernaturally Created each person's Soulful conscious mental state, in fact hasn't really offered any satisfying detailed answer for this. What some love to preach seems to be just happy proud ego inflating ancient imagined primitive Supernatural Souls fiction, as craved millennia ago by early humans much hating to have to ever accept approaching death as completely terminating their existence.

What can have established your or my own conscious thinking awareness as being extensively put into the mind of only one particular presently living person (you or me)? And what will happen to this when your or my body ages and dies? Where can your or my conscious mental awareness then be imagined to somehow strangely continue to exist, while our bodies and brains decay and rot unable to function in the slightest? No wonder religious believers crave and love holding onto the ancient doctrines' happy magical concocted death-evading eternal Souls Heaven, as their much loved fiction about this puzzle.

What's the probability of you somehow receiving the continuing consciousness of even a close fond mate from our universe? Considering the numbers of people, past, present, and future, (and also the not unlikely vast magnitudes more of alien people all around the universe), or from over any other time, past or future, then the probability of somehow almost magically getting specially mentally linked with any specific particular one of them, even an identical twin, evidently is a virtual impossibility, like 0 out of next to infinity!

Kindly explain: how can it be that we can never begin to intrude into and experience the conscious mental state of any other person? After all, have you ever been able to invade even briefly into the aware conscious mind of any even one single nearby good friend you know quite well, or a mate, or even any genetically close or identical twin sibling? Of course not! Many may remain a bit mystified by this difficult to try expressing youthful puzzle.

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