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Laxmi Mantra Sadhana for Rich Husband

This is a specific Laxmi Mantra Sadhana for a girl wishing to get married to a rich and wealthy man or one belonging to a wealthy family. This Sadhana is done on the day of Narak Chartudasi [the second day of the Diwali festivities]. This is a simple and uncomplicated Sadhana to invoke Laxmi Mata to fulfill your dream.

Jwalamalini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

This is the Jwalamalini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana. The Jwalamalini Yakshini is an important deity in Jainism; an offshoot of the Hindu religion. Numerous Jain temples and shrines are dedicated to Jwalamalini Devi who is associated with Chandraprabhu; the eighth Tirthankara. This Yakshini Mantra Sadhana is practiced to fulfill all material as well as spiritual desire in life; including wealth and harmony and hence is considered to be a most important Sadhana. Amongst other things the Jwalamalini Yakshini is said to give gold to the Sadhak on successful completion of the Sadhana.

Most Powerful Charm for Children

This is a most powerful multipurpose charm for a child, which acts like a healing and protective spell. If a child is suffering from recurring bouts of fever, evil- eye problems, health problems including; mental one like hyper activity, dull mindedness, stubborn and bad behavior and inattentiveness.

Mahalaxmi Mantra Sadhana for success

This is a Mahalaxmi Mantra Sadhana for success. This Sadhana is known to resolve all problems and hindrances; including money, wealth, health, business, domestic or enemy troubles, smoothly and on their own.

Spiritual Prayer to Shiva

The words spoken by a great saint and master are always alive and vibrant in the atmosphere. These words contain a mystic quality; a magic; the route to the mysterious unknown, that which the spiritual are always trying to uncover. Such words can be chanted by the deeply spiritual minded to aid themselves in their lonely journey.

Simple way to exorcise a house

A simple method to exorcise a house to get rid of evil energies and malefic vibrations is given here. This rite does not require you to chant any prayer, spells or mantras. Such malefic vibrations entering your home is a result of the curses of jealous rivals, jilted lovers or any kind of enemies. They could even be the result of black magic or evil-eye by some hidden enemies.

Finding Mates in the Future

Our body forms and organs, and all their functions and cellular biochemistry details, are determined by the chromosome genetics starting a baby. That determines more than our health. E.g., that's what made and has kept humans so successfully intelligent, mentally greatly superior over any other Earth life . (Genetics of course also affects mobility, adult maturing appearances, disease resistance, helpful social animal teamed joinings, etc.)

Charm to bring loved one back

This is a special charm to bring back a loved one who has gone to a foreign country and not come home. Such sad domestic conditions are most common in India, where the parents have educated their child and then he goes to a foreign land for further studies and never comes back or if he does it is only for a short period; out of some guilt complex. Thus more and more parents in India are left to the mercy of old age; this is indeed a sad situation.

Paranormal Beliefs - Cutting of Nails

There are certain very interesting paranormal beliefs prevalent regarding cutting of the nails of the hands and feet in India. Removing the nails among other beliefs, is said to eradicate poverty and ailments.

Sun Worship for domestic peace

Sun worship; Surya Upasana is considered to be most potent for all kinds of problems; the healing rays of the Sun are said to wash away most problems in life. A couple of simple; yet effective remedies for domestic peace and harmony; especially between husband and wife is given here. These remedies are easy to practice, so no harm in trying them out.

Charm to increase Libido 2

This is one more interesting Indian health charm which acts as a spell to increase libido ; this one is for both men and women. This charm has to be prepared during the period of the Magha Nakshatra [Regulus], by writing it on a Bhojpatra or a clean white piece of paper with the juice of the Utangan Herb [Blepharis]. This herb is you will be interested in knowing used as a sex tonic and aphrodisiac to treat weakness and lack of vigor and staying power in Ayurveda medicine. This charm has to be washed in the raw milk of a cow and then that milk has to be consumed. This has to be done for one month, if you wish to increase your Libido. If you want the charm to be permanent, you can always get it engraved on copper. Charm to increase Libido 2 Related articles  Charm to increase libido in men ( Evil - Eye Charm for Children ( Ganesh Mantra Sadhana to Conceive a Boy ( Charm for Stomach Diseases ( Charm for p

Trilok Attraction Mantra

This is another one of the strong Shabar Trilok Vashikaran Mantras of attraction; Trilok means the Dev, Prithvi and Patal Lokas; the people of three worlds. The Siddhi is gained by chanting the mantra 10.000 times. Then two experiments given below can be practiced to attract anyone you want to bring under your spell.

Disha Bandhan Mantra

It is the experience of many Sadhaks aspiring for Siddhi or in the process of any Japa, Anushtan, Prarthana or even Kundalini awakening, that they encounter some obstacles or difficulties. One of the reasons could be that some negative vibrations or energies have entered their aura and are troubling them and creating obstacles in completing the Sadhana .

Mantra to open Anahata Chakra

The Anahata or the Heart Chakra is described as the place where the Atma or the Soul resides. Those seeking Kundalini awakening, meditate upon this Chakra to open it, along with the other six. A deity called the Kakini Shakti is said to present in this Chakra; the Kakini symbolizes a fearless state of mind.

Vashikaran Mantra invoking Ram Sita Hanuman

This is a Vashikaran Mantra making the use of the names of Ram, Sita and Hanuman and invoking them. This is a mantra, the mastery of which is to be acquired on an auspicious day, like Holi or the night of Diwali; by chanting it 1008 times. This is a Shabar Mantra as the language suggests.

Yakshini Mantra to get Rich

This is another mantra to gain wealth through mystic intervention and to become rich. Again this mantra is a spell chanted to bring under your spell of attraction; the Dhanda Yakshini ; a feminine ghostly entity. Yakshini Sadhana though popular in India is a quick way getting things done, through the Vashikaran of ghostly beings.

Muscular Males in Future

Genetics experts should be expected to become ever better at deciphering ever more human natural developmental varieties. Then many parents would like getting exchanged into their sperm or ovum sources for developing very good embryos, the best from existing safe natural human genetic varieties, good for longer healthier happy living, plus features which should develop new cuter young, then more attractive later matured adults, to become helpful for winning happy desired long lasting very enjoyable marriages, good for perpetuating their family chain of descendants.

Healing by Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

This is a healing meditation on the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra also known as the Mrit Sanjeevani Mantra; the one that give the boon of life. This variation of this great Shiva Mantra can be meditated upon to cure a loved one or even yourself from diseases.

Try this for excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can be caused due to a number of factors including; less than the required amount of blood in the body, hereditary heart ailments, high blood pressure and excess fat. The perspiration may be restricted to some body parts, like the face and the armpits or all over the body.

Charm for protection from enemies

This is a Charm for protection from enemies; it is a spell to be kept in your home. The charms is said to work to dispel enemy problems and to silence them if they are trying to create any kind of trouble for you; including black magic, blackmail or defamation.

Genetics to help mating tendencies

Our mating tendencies to become loyal to a preferred mate had of course evolved quite helpful for keeping human couples joined long united, to then helpfully stably better raise fresh descendants to adulthood, ready then to start producing and raising their own fresh genetically inheriting new young before long. So those finding the best natural genetics for such helpful tendencies knew this should help families succeed better and nicely continue, generation after generation.

Karna Pishachini Mantra Sadhana 3

This is another rare and potent Karna Pishachini Mantra Sadhana to know the events of the past, present and future. The Karna Pishachini Yakshini Sadhana is one of the methods adopted by Tantriks to become Trikaaldarshi. However one has to be forewarned that these are Aghori practices and might rebound on you.

Charm to increase libido in men

This is an Indian health charm which is worn around the waist to increase libido in men ; accompanied by, strength, stamina and desire. This Charm which is known as the Kamini Mad Mardan Yantra ia said to act as an healing spell.. This subject cannot be considered taboo as it affects a sizable number of people, all around the world.

Evil - Eye Charm for Children

This is an Indian Charm to protect children from what is known as the Evil- Eye. The Evil-Eye can be termed as a malefic gaze from someone or an evil energy entering the aura of the one who is affected. Children are said to be more prone than adults to be inflicted by the Evil Eye.

Tips for epileptics and their near ones

Epilepsy is caused due to some damage to the brain, a brain tumor, brain tuberculosis, swelling of the brain nerves, high fever. Sometimes the reasons might remain unknown. An epileptic seizure may cause the patient to become unaware of his surroundings and go into a hypnotic trance like state. In other cases there will be seizures of varying intensity.

Importance of the Ajna Chakra

The Anja Chakra or the Third Eye Chakra is the stepping stone to ultimate liberation and merger of the self with the oversell. Hence it is one of the most important Chakras. It is located between the eyebrows. Most psychic and paranormal powers like ESP and intuition are attributed to the activitation of this Chakra ; Tantriks in India and those aspiring to acquire such powers have since time immemorial been seeking to activate this Chakra to its fullest potential.

Powerful Talisman for safe Pregnancy

This is a powerful and uncommon Indian talisman to ensure a peaceful and safe pregnancy . Though no one can promise miracles through mantra and tantra; there is no harm in trying your best to point out some remedies to readers. The end result always depends upon the resolve of the one trying them.

Vashikaran Mantra to attract any man or woman

This Vashikaran Mantra to attract any man or woman was sent to me by a friend. The Sadhana is dedicated to a Yakshini, known as the Vashikarni Yakshini; a mystic female energy, about whom not much is known about and is almost unknown. Nevertheless I will tell you about it.

Double Standards of Religious Conservatives

If trying to proudly show off loyal passionate dedication to God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) Superior Chosen preferred ways for having Creating us to be His most Special Chosen Design for Pure Humans , then why be quietly accepting of many clearly unnatural other ways many loyal believers lived every month? Sometimes use microphones and loud speakers? Communicate by phones? Hadn't God (Allah, Jahveh) specifically Designed us to talk naturally simply with others near us? And what about using religious and other printed publications or books? Or what about WWWeb interactions, and maybe using emails? Obviously those are clearly far outside of and contrary to His ancient purely natural ways!

Attraction Mantra using Infused Water

This is a special akarshan experiment using water. This Attraction Mantra does not require one to gain mastery over it. The Tantra says that you do not have to do anything else, the person on whom you practice it will on his or her own come to you and be under your spell of attraction. A little bit of water has to be taken in a glass or cup and this mantra has to be chanted 108 times to infuse the water with potency of the mantra. This is to be done by chanting the mantra and holding the glass of water in your hand. The work “amuki” is to be replaced by the name of the person you wish to bring under a spell of attraction.

Ganesh Mantra Sadhana to Conceive a Boy

This is a Tantrik Ganapati Sadhana practiced to ensure the birth of a baby boy. The Sadhana involves the consumption of certain herbs along with a specific Ganesh Mantra, to be chanted by the woman wishing to conceive a baby boy, while practicing this Sadhana.

Don't panic on 21 December 2012

To all the subscribers and readers of this site a short message don't panic on 21 December 2012. It will come and go like any other day and all the prophecies of doom will fall flat on their faces. Since the past 3 years this site has time and again stated with conviction that the world is not going to end on 21 December or for that matter any where in the near future.

Importance of the Muladhara Chakra

In this post on Kundalini awakening I am giving some of my thoughts on the subject and not recommendations or advice on how to activate and awaken the Kundalini Shakti. I hope some sincere practitioners will find this useful. The most important Muladhara Chakra located at the bottom of the spine in the area between the anus and the genital is where the Kundalini Shakti lies coiled and dormant; waiting to be awakened. This Chakra symbolizes the Creative forces in nature.

Love Charm for a happy marriage

This is a special Indian Love Charm for a happy marriage; this spell can be practiced by both men and women. This simple charm is said to ensure a happy married life, with your life partner always attracted towards you, under your spell and eager to please you.

Nostradamus - Third Antichrist Headquarters in Italy

Where will be the epicenter of the operations of the Third Antichrist? Where will he direct his operations from? Two most valid questions which will show the central point of the battle of Armageddon; World War 3 . The headquarters of the Third Antichrist can be likened to the Wolfsschanze or the Wolf's Lair, from where Hitler oversaw and directed his army during World War 2 and not the Führerbunker; where he committed suicide during the last days of the war.

Laxmi Attraction Yantra - Mantra for Business

This is a Business Attraction Mantra – Yantra Sadhana. This Sadhana is useful to those believers in the science of Vashikarn who wish to attract a specific person for the purposes of trade, commerce, business and industry. This Sadhana is done to invoke Kamla; another name of the Goddess of Wealth; Laxmi, for the purposes of attraction.

Charm for Stomach Diseases

This is a charm to cure chronic and recurring stomach problems. Chronic stomach ailment can trigger of an unlimited number of severe ailments; including skin problem, ulcers and even cancer. Thus keeping the stomach clean and healthy is always advisable and should be a priority.

Hanuman Sadhana for diseases and debts

This is Hanuman Sadhana for diseases and debts. If there are continuous and recurring diseases and illness in your home, which just not go away; coupled with debts which who are unable to clear then you can try this paranormal form of Hanuman Worship. This Sadhana is said to give relief from unending sickness and debts.

Religious conservatives will oppose genetic changes

If trying to proudly show off loyal passionate dedication to God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) Superior Chosen preferred ways for having Creating us to be His most Special Chosen Design for pure humans, then why be quietly accepting of many clearly unnatural other ways many loyal believers lived every month? Sometimes use microphones and loud speakers? Communicate by phones? Hadn't God (Allah, Jahveh) specifically Designed us to talk naturally simply with others near us? And what about using religious and other printed publications or books? Or what about WWWeb interactions, and maybe using emails? Obviously those are clearly far outside of and contrary to ancient purely natural ways!

Attraction Mantra for Heartless Person

This 4 letter Attraction Mantra Sadhana is said to melt the heart of any heartless person; even a heartless lover or spouse and bring that person under your spell of akarshan or attraction. The mantra has to be chanted keeping a mental image of the heartless person whom you want to attract. There is no restriction or limit on the number of chants; it up to you. This Sadhana has to be done at a stretch for 15 days continuously.

Paranormal Remedies for Eye-Defects

I get a lot of requests from readers for remedies and mantras to cure and control eye-defects. The eye is the organ which gives light to our lives. Hence I can understand your anxiety and distress if you suffer from eye-defects; especially which have the potential of causing partial or total blindness.

Attraction Mantra using mud from rat hole

This is an Akarshan or Attraction Mantra which make the use of the mud from a rat hole; a place where a rat or mouse is normally seen to inhabit. This is among the strange Attraction Mantra Sadhanas and I am sure the reader will find it interesting reading.

Nostradamus - Scepter of Kalki Avatar

This Nostradamus Quatrain is popularly linked to the ultimate defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo and his exile to St. Helena, where he finally died in exile. Though Napoleon had a scepter, he has never been popularly associated with it; as a symbol.

Sinhani Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

This is Sinhani Yakshini Mantra Sadhana. The Sinhani is said to be a Yakshini ; a feminine form of mystical energy, with the temperament of a lioness. This Mantra Sadhana is said to bring this particular Yakshini under your spell of attraction.

Nostradamus - Two Major Revolutions in Future

Two major revolutions are going to take place sometime in the near future as per the prophecies of Nostradamus. In previous posts this site has said the one of the sign of the coming end time; Armageddon and World War 3 are a series of revolutions, chaos and unprecedented unrest. The Nostradamus prediction which is given below certainly seems relevant, to say the least.

Vashikaran Mantra using Rice

This Vashikaran Mantra is a variation of this - Attraction Mantra which I had given a couple of years back. The wordings seem similar; yet another kind of specific attraction experiment can be practiced by gaining mastery over this mantra.

Nostradamus - Lost Knowledge Returns

Century - 1- 62 “Alas! What a great loss to learning before the moon completes it cycle. Through fire, great floods, insensible rulers; how long will the century until it is restored” A very profound prophecy where Nostradamus speaks how true knowledge has been lost over the centuries. The basic human laws have been replaced by man made ones; through man made religions.

Read this before you commit suicide

In earlier posts on what happens after death , I had written that death is just like packing your bags and going on a long holiday; it’s not the end of your existence. This post is a continuation; where I would like to clear certain misconceptions which might arise; people getting the wrong notions and taking an escape route; Suicide. Read this post before taking that extreme step.

Religious Conservatives in Future

As new young in ever more advancing nations around Earth grow up having some of the best selectable natural human genes, many will like entering computer accessible special somewhat secret secure encoded networks for ever more such generally quite happy fully developing young . All can post their developing outlooks plus posting some questions about several interesting subjects. Others in these slowly growing special secure networks would scan decoded postings to seek interesting new good possibly nicely close minded potential friends.

Spiritual Learnings of a Handicapped Person

This is a post contributed by our reader Shreenivasa Durbha; on the spiritual truths he learned from his life. He is suffering from a severe physical disability which has left him handicapped for the past 23 years. I request you to kindly read and fully understand it as the message is profound. Hello Sir, how are you. I regularly read and follow your postings on Google+ and feel happy to observe your kind service/help to fellowmen.

Mantra for Spiritual Bliss

Finding real bliss and happiness in the Kali Yuga; full of contradictions and pulls in opposite directions, is the quest of a lot of people trying to find peace and harmony in their lives. The long and hard to pronounce Sanskrit Mantras are sometimes difficult to practice for most and there is also the problem of trying to find time.

Shabar Kajal Vashikaran Mantra

This is one more of the Shabar Vashikaran Mantra of the poetic kind; this one is related to this - Mantra , given some time back. It sounds similar and has nearly the same kind of Siddhi procedure. On the night of Holi or Diwali cut a Castor Oil plant with a single stoke of your hand and then burn it to ash and the make Kajal [eye liner] from it. This can be done by collecting the soot and adding some clarified butter to it, mixing it to make a thick paste.

Mantra to stop enemy gang

Among the unique mantras to deal with enemies are some which are said to even stop and immobilize the army of an enemy. This is one such mantra to immobilize an entire army. In today’s times an enemy army could even mean an enemy group or gang; come to harm or kill you. In Hindi this mantra is known as the Sena Stambhan Mantra.

Mantra for unbearable stomach pain

It’s my first priority to give as many health mantras as possible. So that the needy get more and more options. This service is given to give hope to those who think they have lost hope. These mantras and remedies will only work for those that have faith in them, if you have no faith then don’t try them as it is a waste of time.

Hanuman Mantra Sadhana to Exorcise Ghosts

This is specific Hanuman Mantra Sadhana to exorcise ghosts, spirits and malefic and evil entities from the being of a possessed person. This is a Shabar Mantra Sadhana; dedicated to Maruti ; another name for Hanuman. The Sadhana with the protection of Hanuman, invokes Baital or Vetala; a mystical and most powerful Vampire like energy to remove the ghost from a possessed person.

Charm to placate angry lover

This is a lucky charm to cajole and placate an angry lover; it even means a husband or wife; simply someone who is your beloved. This charm and the mantra acts as a soothing spell to conciliate with your sulking beloved.

Thinking brains in future children

We should expect that as more parents come to like being able to have new babies started with some of our best selectable developmental genes being found, it should likely seem good to many to have their children tend early to be extra likely to enjoy playing with others, well before beginning to mature. Early playing is usefully good for more than just having fun daily. It is of course quite helpful for early proper useful muscle developments with good body movements coordination.

Mantra for protection from fire, water and poison

This is Navnath Shabar Mantra for protection from fire, water and poison. The mantra gives safety against floods, hailstorms and other dangers arising from water, safety from all kinds of fires and all types of poison and poisonous things. This Shabar Mantra is said to be a Siddha Mantra; because there is no procedure or requirement to gain mastery over it.

Shiva Protection Mantra Sadhana

This is a specific Shiva Mantra Sadhana to secure protection from accidents, sudden illness and demise, sudden calamities and other types of unexpected and untimely death. This mantra resembles another longer Shiva Mantra; yet it is said to be a most potent protective mantra.

Try this to cure Liquor Addiction

I have been getting a lot of requests to post a paranormal remedy or a Tantra, Mantra Sadhana; as a cure for liquor addiction and abuse. These requests are mostly from the wives and loved ones of the liquor addicts. More than the addict, it’s his loved ones who suffer the most and find their lives a misery. It’s for such people that this Indian remedy is given; this can be tried along with the ongoing De-Addiction treatment.

Try this for Differences with In Laws

These are some paranormal Indian remedies for Differences with In Laws. Practicing such remedies is said to resolve and remove differences with In Laws; this is a common problem in most Indian households; especially differences with the Mother in Law. You can try such remedies if you have faith in them; faith in what you are doing works wonders and helps save your marriage .

Mrit Sanjeevani Mantra - 2

This is another great version of the Mrit Sanjeevani Mantra ; a variation of the greatest of the Shiva Mantras - The Maha Mrityunjaya mantra; the one which grants victory over death. It also prevents Akal Mrityu [sudden, unexpected and untimely death] and grants good health and helps overcome diseases. It also bestows wealth, contentment and protection to the chanter of the mantra.

Indian Black Money Disclosures - Nostradamus

This site wrote about the Nostradamus prophecy on how the Swiss will break their most prized secrecy laws and disclose the names and accounts of the Indian holders of illegal black money in Swiss banks, more than three years back. People were then skeptical about this prediction. But as thing have panned out since then this Nostradamus prophecy looks destined to be on it way to fulfillment.

Try this to cure Goitre

If you suffer from Goitre; Gandamala in Hindi and nothing seems to be working for you; you can try this simple Indian paranormal cure for Goitre; along with your normal medication. This remedy in no ways interferes with your on going treatment; you have nothing to loose and it’s almost for free.

Will Barack Obama start World War 3

A very interesting Nostradamus prophecy linking Barack Obama to World War 3 is given here. If this prophecy is waiting to be fulfilled somewhere in the near future, then it could only apply to Barack Obama. The two Quatrains are certainly linked to the start of World War 3 and the intermediate period; when war rages. Will Barack Obama initiate and start World War 3?

Narrow Female Waists in Future

Let's expect that the best liked genetic versions of developments, even including for better more attractive bodies, should become choosable future options, preferred by many paying for new prepared embryos having still purely human natural existing genetics. Many parents would request these included among other chosen options for newly started good genetically purely human embryos. E.g., many such new female babies would develop, while maturing later, to gain among the best attractive prominent well filled adult breasts, likely to nicely complement also developing nice very cute lovely faces.

Future Predictions of the Internet

The World Wide Web is exactly what the ancient Indian sages described thousands of years back in time; a storehouse of the manifestations of the thoughts, emotions and sensations of thinking animals; people. The Internet can be likened to what the new age religions describe as the Universal Mind. It is but a collection of an infinite number of thoughts; the Collective Consciousness.

Ram Mantra for Winning Competitions

This Doha from the Ramcharitmanas is said to be helpful in winning contests where a number of contestants are vying for the same position, title, honor or crown. This means elections, competitive examinations, job interviews, sports competitions, singing and debating competitions and the like.

Laxmi Poojan Mantra for Businessmen

Laxmi Poojan is the most auspicious and eagerly awaited day by businessmen all over India. As the lifeline of business is money; read Laxmi, Laxmi Poojan is celebrated with Pooja, Havans, Mithai and the bursting of crackers.

Mantra for Laxmi Poojan

The festivities of Diwali have commenced; the most auspicious day of  Laxmi Poojan falls on 13th November 2012. A very powerful and effective 22 letter Laxmi Mantra is given here; this mantra can be chanted on this auspicious day. This is a mantra which is said to establish Laxmi  in your home and life; this is known as Laxmi sthapana.

Powerful Ganesh Health Mantra Sadhana

The Nirgundi tree; also known as Sambhalu [Five-leaved chaste tree] is said to contain magical healing properties and is extensively used in Ayurvedic and traditional Indian medicine. Since ancient times numerous Mantra Sadhana are being practiced in India for the purposes of healing, using the various parts of this herb. In this post a specific Ganesh Mantra Sadhana for health has been given.

Mantra Sadhana for Disputes and Difficulties

Here is a specific Mantra Sadhana for Disputes and Difficulties. If it’s severe difficulties which are troubling and frustrating you and making your life unbearable, you look for divine intervention. I can only show you the remedies; success or failure is in the hands of God.

Curative Charm for Insanity

This is an ancient Indian paranormal curative charm to treat insanity. The most common reasons for people loosing their mental balance are failing to reconcile to the loss of a beloved one and being badly ditched by lover. Some others loose their mental balance due some sort of accident or shocking incident which affects the mind. Such incidents make some people nervous wrecks and in time madness and lunacy sets in.

Vashikaran Mantra Sadhana using Tilak

This is a Vashikaran Mantra Sadhana using a Tilak to attract people. This Vashikaran Mantra has to be chanted 125.000 times for the acquisition of Siddi over it. Once mastery is gained then some experiments to attract people can be done using this mantra; I am giving only the most simple one using ingredients, easily available in the market.

Genetically pure humans in future

Another likely option, to be made available for genetically pure humans in the near future, (exploiting an advancing ability to select from our best natural genetic varieties), should be to select features, such as for having some of our best desired appearances. This too is of course affected by varieties in human genetics. E.g., this is what has long established our evolved varied racial appearances around the world, also differences between attractive females vs. males. These illustrate some natural evolved human varieties.

Simple Devi Sadhana for getting married

A very simple Devi Sadhana for getting married is given in this post. This Sadhana can be practiced by both men and women. Those who are unable in finding a bride or bridegroom for themselves or those whose marriage is getting delay or there are problems and obstacles in love marriage can try this Sadhana.

Bhairav Mantra Sadhana for Marriage

This marriage remedy and Mantra Sadhana is for those who have Neptune, Sun, Rahu or Ketu placed in their 7th house. This is considered to be the most important house in the horoscope as regards marriage. If you are amongst those who have such a planetary combination in your birth charts and your marriage is being delayed or there are obstacles in your marriage, then the Bhairav Mantra Sadhana for marriage given below. This is one of the specific astrological remedies of marriage.

Lucky Charms for Main Door

The main door which is the entrance to your home is considered as the most powerful entry point of energy in your home. Hence positive energy and harmonious vibrations have to be attracted towards this entry point. Vastu Shastra and also Feng Shui attach utmost importance towards the proper maintenance, design and decoration of the main door.

Mohini Mantra using Tilak

This is a Mohini Mantra of attraction which makes the use of a specific Tilak to achieve success in attracting everyone; including friends and foes. The Sadhana is not very difficult as the mantra need to be chanted 10.000 times to gain Siddhi over it.

Gayatri Mantra for enemies

A short variation in the Gayatri Mantra gives miraculous results in stopping, removing and destroying enemies ; including hidden ones. This is a Satvik Gayatri Mantra Sadhana and does not require any fearsome methods of worship; hence safe to practice as the Gayatri Mantra is the purest of the Indian mantras. Recommended for pure minded people who for no fault of theirs are facing unnecessary harassment from enemies.

Charm for crying children

This is a specific Indian Charm for crying children. Sometimes most children start crying uncontrollably and the parents do not know what the reason for their discomfort is. This can be confusing as one perceives no apparent reason and does not know what to do to stop the child from crying.

Future Mantras - Tantra

Extra Sensory Perception is that superhuman ability which a lot of people wish they had. This is the ability to see and visualize what lies beyond the realm of the human senses. A lot of ancient Indian saints and sages were known to have this ability; known in Hindi as Trikal Vidya; the ability to visualize the events of the past, present and future. The sages who had this ability were known as Trikal Darshi; the masters who could see into the past, present and future.

Future of the Arvind Kejriwal Revolution

A massive churning process is underway in India at the present moment. As we speak about the future of India, this process started just over a couple of years back; around the time of the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. The period around October 2010 marked a change in the pattern of the cosmic cycle of India. Such changes stem from actions [Karma] of the past and have far reaching consequences; drastic changes.

Gayatri Mantra for Prosperity

This is another interesting version of the Gayatri Mantra; especially for the dedicated Gayatri Upasak. This is a pure Mantra Sadhana using the Gayatri Mantra specifically to gain prosperity; including money and property. The 3 root letters included in this version are “श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं” to make it more potent and powerful for the specific purpose of getting prosperous and wealthy.

Marriage Mantras - Remedies

Marriage is the one event in life which is on the minds of most men and women. Over the past few years this site has published dome specific mantras, remedies, yantras, spells and charms which are popular in India to ensure success in all kind of marriages; loved and arranged and remove hindrances which obstruct someone from getting married.

Try this if you are jobless

India, like its diverse, varied and rich cultures has numerous remedies for each and every want and wish in life. This site has been giving many such remedies and in continuation of this endeavor a simple paranormal remedy for the jobless is given here, you can try this if you are unemployed. This remedy which is practice in some parts of India; is also said to fulfill your wishes.

The reward system of the brain

Brain biochemistry significantly raises good enjoyed pleasures. One major form is dopamine. It functions as a neuro transmitter chemical released by brain cells to send signals to other brain cells. The human brain uses five known types of dopamine receptors. Dopamine plays a major role in our brains, responsible for reward-driven learning. Every studied type of reward increases the level of dopamine transmission within the brain . Dopamine provides an effective teaching signal to parts of the brain responsible for new behaviors.

Karna Pishachini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana 2

This is the third mantra which I am giving of the Karna Pishachini Yakshini; as mentioned before the female mystic entity; who is said to whisper the happenings of the past, present and the future in your ear. This Vidya is practiced to have before hand knowledge of the events about to occur in the future and also the events of the present and past.

Did Nostradamus predict Super Storm Sandy

Did Nostradamus predict the flooding of New York and devastation caused by Super Storm Sandy? Probably the most relevant quatrain in the prophecies of Nostradamus  describes a Garden submerged by unprecedented flooding.  At the time of writing this post the Battery Areas which includes the famous Battery Park is submerged in record flooding of over 13 feet of water.

Brahma Mantras for Education

Brahma the creator; is the source from which Brahma Vidya or Divine or true knowledge flows all over creation. The two mantras given here are said to enhance and bring to the fore dormant educative qualities and skills. Hence these are considered as potent and effective mantras for those engaged in education and learning.

Krishna mantra for peace of mind

This is a Krishna mantra for peace of mind which was given to me by a life long Shri Krishna Bhakt, who practices it daily and is certain that the mantra has had a profound in calming his mind and giving everlasting inner peace. The mantra along with peace of mind is said to grant ultimate liberation; Moksha from the unending life cycle of the soul. Hence it is most suitable for the Spiritually inclined than the materially inclined.

Best Surya Mantra

This is an ancient Surya Ashtakshara Mantra from the Vedas which was practiced by the greatest sages and the seekers of true knowledge or Brahma Vidya in the Vedic times in India. The mantra is from the Surya Upanishad or the Suryopanishad; the text which deals extensively with the worship and rituals related to the Sun. This is one of the best Surya Mantras I have come across.

What happens just before death

The question has been asked many times before; what really happens at the time of death ? Authenticated experiences of Indian Spiritualists say that during the final moments, the events of the just concluded past life are reflected like a mirror in the mind. All the dormant and forgotten thought energies stored in the brain are activated and start manifesting themselves. Thus what ever the brain experienced in the life time is restored during the last moments just before death.

Helpful Mantras for Children

Studies and some kind of fear or the other are the two most pressing and practical problem faced by most children ; especially those kids below the age of 10. Parents unknowingly make problems worse by making kids mechanically chant lengthy mantras; which the child does not enjoy one bit and practices as if it is just another daily burden.

Simple Kundalini Meditation

This is a specific kind of Spiritual Meditation; based upon an ancient Indian method of meditation adapted to the present times. This meditation is helpful to those seeking the path to enlightenment, as well as to those seeking the Non Dual State and Kundalini energizing and awakening. There are different means and methods to activate the Kundalini Shakti; this simple meditation also gives excellent results without time consuming exercises and mantra chanting. This mediation can be done in groups or individually.

Gayatri Mantra for healthy sex life

This is a variation of the great Gayatri Mantra which is chanted for the purposes of increasing sex drive, vigor, strength and vitality. The ancient Indian sages understood the value of a healthy sex life in ensuring domestic and social bliss; hence such variations were composed to utilize the most potent Gayatri Mantra to the fullest.

The dead always return after death

The dead by the force of natural gravity always return back to whichever of the premises it was most attached to in its lifetime; like the home or office; or even both. Most people don’t realize that the dead being is with them even after it leaves its mortal body. This study is based upon authentic sources from Indian Spiritualism as well as the personal experiences of the author.

Genetic evolution in children

In this century, ever more advanced DNA R&D (research & development) by good experts may well develop the ability to replace, into a parent's sources for fresh generated sperms or ova, many selected currently evolved best natural genetic variety differences found already existing within humans. Some parents will certainly want this, for gaining superior infants, male or female, likely to then mature benefiting from natural human genetics produced nicer healthier more disease resistant and more enjoyable good living.

Ganesh Mantra to find a new job

This is a specific Ganesh Mantra to find a new and higher paying job. The Sankalp [pledge] to complete this Mantra Sadhana successfully has to be done in a Ganesha Temple by offering a Prasad of Jaggery and Dried Coconut.

Charm to win Court Cases

This is an Indian Charm to win Court Cases, litigation, success in hearings and conciliation matters; including divorce settlements and debt proceedings. This Charm which is a Yantra has to be prepared on a Bhojpatra with the paste of Gorochan. Write the name of your opponent or the opposing party in place of the word "AMUK" After preparing it energizes it with offerings of white flowers, incense and the lighting of a lamp filled with Ghee.

Navnath Healing Mantra

This is an ancient Shabar Mantra in the Marathi script of the middle ages. The mantra was in those days used to treat sick persons suffering from high temperature fever or the fever which did not subside or the one which kept recurring every three or four days. This mantra is one among those composed by the Navnath Sampradaya in the middle ages in Maharashtra for the purpose of healing.