Try this free repellent to protect books

There are a large variety of pests which fall under the category “Bookworms”. These pests infect and destroy books and anything which is made of paper by boring through paper and eating it up. This is more so in moist and humid climate.

There are a few costly repellents which are available in the markets which promise to protect your books from destruction. However if want a chemical free repellent to do the job just as effectively here is an traditional Indian remedy which does the job. This is a cost effective and safe remedy; almost free.

This remedy makes the use of a traditional Indian spice; the Sweet Flag or Calamus; known in Hindi as Vacha or Ghorbach. This spice is readily available in any General Store all over India; it does not cost much. All you have take 2 to 3 of pieces of the Sweet Flag and put them behind, in front and above the books. The number of pieces you use depends upon the size of your book collection.

These pieces of Sweet Flag can be used for 4 to 5 years. Each summer you have to remove and wash them. Then place them under the Sun for a couple of days and then reuse them.

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