Paranormal remedies to make medicines effective

These are a couple of Indian paranormal remedies which are followed if medicines are found to be ineffective or have no effect while treating an ill person. There is a strong belief in paranormal circles that this is due to some invisible energy field or sickly aura around the sick person which makes medicines ineffective.

All the medicines are kept in the place of worship, this is said to energize the medicines and make them potent; this is a very simple remedy.

The second remedy is to take a Paan [Betel Leaf] and keep a Rose and 7 Battashe [Indian sugar candy, normally used in religious rituals] on the Paan. Then Rotate this Paan over the head of the sick person and after that keep it on some street corner [where 4 roads meet].

These simple paranormal remedies are said to energize the medicines and make them more effective.

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