3D world expansion

Around the two supportive towers for expanding a Fullball world, join metal very large suitable hexagon or pentagon somewhat convex new outer shell parts, recently robotically assembled from peices which had been sent from the source asteroid(s). Seal them together air tight. Stabilize these by temporary cables out to their outer corners from a bit higher up the towers. All is virtually weightless, very easy to robotically assemble, with merely .000,001 of Earth gravity weights if expanding around a .4km radius Fullball world, (.000,01 if around a 4km radius world).

To continue Fullball spherical balloon 3D world expansion around the initially joined new outer shell parts, next join around each of the two starts another ring of suitable prepared hexagon or pentagon metal shell parts, then later more such rings. Seal these to also become joined air tight. The parts are strong and thick enough metal to very easily sustain their somewhat convex shapes as wanted for the new spherical shell, especially thanks to weighing almost nothing outside this small a Fullball world.

Finally the two repeatedly extended half spheres of joined parts will reach around touching each other. Robotically seal them together to complete the expanded Fullball world new whole spherical bigger outer shell. Spread over it many new sent packs of asteroid matter to serve as good thick protection against space debris and cosmic radiation, also as good heat insulation against frigid cold outer space temperatures.

Some outer shell parts had air locks to permit things or people in the future to pass in or out between the world and maybe vessels kept outside in the space vacuum. So robotically pull up through such open air locks packs of the earlier maybe 2m thick old protective asteroid matter layer, also their old covering film. Spread them over the new outside shell. Expand that covering film, using more which had been sent from the source asteroid(s).

Having all this done robotically is extremely easy since all parts or packs of asteroid matter are virtually weightless. Robots could very easily quite effortlessly slowly toss things to where wanted by other construction robots.

By now, many loads of new parts and materials would have been prepared, then sent to here from the distant source asteroid(s). This would include all for forming a cable network between the old and new shells, to then form within this network many suspended new farms, homes, and other fresh cylinders .

Join the sent waiting cable lengths to form the needed cable network inside, attached between the old surface anchor cable ends in the old shell and the new outer shell cable ends anchors. The cable network will soon most importantly hold the new outer shell in against introduced air, to be raised to normal atmosphere pressure.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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