Fullball world for genetically altered humans

As better genetic improvements for us kept being developed and then improved, some liberal more progressive folks much desiring much healthier long lives, at least for their new young, finally became able to secretly start receiving them. They had to be extremely careful to not let any except the most trusted learn about this. Secret encoded communications groups were helpfully established so they could secretly share thoughts and experiences with others gaining good advancing genetic improvements, given at least to new ova for new babies, or sometimes gradually internally spread within their own cells.

Any such children who would have aging reduced once they fully matured and started careers, had to then stay most careful and limit contacts with any except the most highly trusted. Otherwise too little aging might eventually get mentioned to others, possibly finally reaching the attention of some dedicated religious conservatives very hatefully even violently opposed against allowing any genetic alteration away from what they much loved proudly proclaiming had to have been God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) Chosen Superior supposedly Perfect Intelligent Design of proper Humans, while rather hatefully opposing any science findings revealing that we could have actually arisen long ago as simply another natural evolved Earth animal primate form of life, so far genetically ending up merely 1% different from also old evolved coexisting natural animal chimpanzees.

Any folks genetically modified showing too perfect health with too reduced adult aging would likely get eventually noticed if staying too long living in the same place near others. There were thus discussions in their secret encoded special communications groups about how best to avoid that. Best and safest might be to leave Earth permanently and move up into a space settlement. The new Fullball world bigger settlement might be better to quietly hide in. Folks in it most cautiously wouldn't dare ever let anyone down on Earth learn about even a few moving up into it as possibly having any cell and DNA improvements.

This of course had to most cautiously be kept completely secret from hateful intolerant conservatives. If it ever became strongly believed by some of those quite hateful against genetic human alterations, that the Fullball world was actually becoming a new home for several of the limited minority of genetically altered folks, they might try to somehow destroy it, though that would heartlessly mean also savagely killing the 99% ordinary pure humans filling it. (Many conservatives already rather disliked leaving any settlement forever orbiting above as a permanent home for mostly young liberals not seeming especially highly devotedly fond of old Earth below.)

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