How life first gets formed on earth

When molecular forms slowly began to develop naturally off Earth, as may become discovered on a few other planets or even a few big moons, forms which could catalyze the formation of like molecules joined from the surrounding variety of natural nonlife chemicals, then this would have essentially become a natural beginning of at first extremely simple very early "life" there.

As some such resulting self duplicating catalytic molecules over time will suffer accidental molecular modifications, then on rare occasions some such resulting changes can actually become better at continuing, better at surviving into the future. This essentially gradually begins to be achieving simple "evolution", useful for improving future more successful life form generations.

Reproduction is a key basic characteristic for successful "life" species: the ability to effectively feed on surrounding materials and then effectively reproduce before eventually suffering getting chemically degraded, and thus maybe effectively badly aging to death.

This is maybe how life arose long ago on Earth, and then began advancing ever better, and gradually usefully ever more complex. Those forms luckily becoming better at this, simply using surrounding raw materials to more successfully reproduce fresh duplicates of themselves, and then in rare accidental occasions become slightly helpfully chemically altered, would thus effectively "evolve" sometimes more gradually successful for perpetuating their new produced generations to continue their kind on into the future.

The ability to progressively evolve became needed to be able to stay competing with various other different also naturally evolving "life" forms. Surviving life needs some way to biochemically advance over time, normally thanks to accidental internal or reproductive modifications. Otherwise, other competing life forms happening to sometimes evolve to more successfully use surrounding raw materials for producing new improving duplicates of themselves will evolve able to dominate beyond too slow evolving thus increasingly outdated competing life forms.

Gradually this could have evolved and greatly progressed for some life forms into far more complicated single cellular life forms gaining increasing advantages over old much more primitive early simpler chemical catalytic forms only able to produce simple duplicates. A cellular form provided huge advantages, including their outer protective surface, to thus begin to allow various somewhat safely insulated useful internal chemical activities.

Simpler primitive life forms merely duplicated themselves. But there was a great advantage to eventually becoming able to gain, for reproduced new generations, some occasional more useful alterations only having occurred in others of about the same life form "species". That finally became most helpfully achievable, thanks to the eventual very good useful evolution of bisexual reproduction. Then new young would sometimes inherit evolved benefits which had arisen from different past individuals within their life form."species"

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