Are interstellar voyages of aliens likely?

We might expect that various technologically advanced aliens did & still do exist around some (or even many) stars, some in our galaxy maybe not too remotely far from us.If we can exist, naturally evolved on a planet here, then why can't many different aliens also exist around our galaxy? To deny any such possibility would almost be like trying to claim that human civilization never truly came into existence on a planet here. Such a claim would of course be absurd stupid nonsense! So expecting existence also of aliens in our (& other) galaxies in fact seems credibly sensible.

By now, after finding that accepted physics today fully rejects old pre-2000 SF (science fiction) fantasies of space travel outside physical travel limits, (like to somehow jump across space and time, or to somehow exceed light speed), we should be concluding that SF voyages beyond light speed limits or imagined leaps somehow across interstellar space and time should be discarded as just unreal story telling, at most being wishful dreamy fictional entertainments.

A sensible realization is that real interstellar voyages would be rather unlikely. A major reason is that such travel takes too long, speeding at most at just a fraction of light speed. Passengers might die or get essentially bored to death in any required many decades to centuries long voyage confined in some vessel, before ever reaching Earth. So why ever attempt any such rather futile useless deadly boring long voyage?

Realizing that settlements like volume efficient 3D filled balloon worlds can be robotically cheaply formed from any of the many thousands of good sized asteroids in our Solar system, (and also from such highly likely asteroids in other star systems), that ability virtually cancels any reason, such as from past wishful simple thinking, to want to venture to another star wishing for a rare usable eventually inhabitable planet. Efficient filled 3D balloon worlds, letting millions of folks often easily simply air swim virtually weightless to friends much closer than if stuck inefficiently on spread out surface parts of planets, should provide living superior over any planet.

And such 3D balloon worlds would be easily robotically expandable, good for eventually many billions (1,000,000,000s) to happily enjoy efficiently living conveniently close together, much better than being stuck down on some gravity prison planet! Thus there's in fact little reason for aliens (or us) to attempt any bad boring decades to centuries long interstellar voyage!

And besides, any such interstellar voyage would cost lots of needed energy and supplies, such as some transportable form having huge energy sources, to keep growing food, while keeping all inside living well for many decades to centuries. Or it would require very huge stores of frozen food carried outside.

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