Traditional Indian remedy for Arthritis

Numerous remedies in the field of traditional medicine are available for the treatment of Arthritis. One of the most simple Home remedy I have discovered is a traditional Indian remedy which is most simple; yet effective.

This simple remedy makes the use of lime; the curative properties of lime are well documented. Lime has since ancient times been used to treat Arthritis.

The external application of lime juice and Castor oil in equal proportions is applied on the swollen joints; this reduces the inflation which has set in the affected body parts.

Along with this external remedy, for internal relief one teaspoon of lime juice and one teaspoon of honey is mixed in a glass of warm water and given to the patients of Arthritis twice a day.

Along with these home remedies you can have a look at this post - Proper diet for Arthritis, which I had written earlier. This is a traditional Indian dietary plan for Arthritis patients followed by naturopaths in India.

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