Traditional Indian remedies using lime as a hair and teeth cleanser

The use of lime is widely prevalent in traditional Indian home remedies. I have already written about the widespread use of lime as a. facial cleanser and an vital ingredients which increases and maintains skin luster.

These are a some more of the traditional Indian remedies which make the use lime as a hair, teeth and gums cleanser.

The dried peels of a lime mixed and powdered along with an equal amount of Shikakai [fruit of the Acacia concinna plant] and mixed with water are an effective way of cleaning the hair. This is a safe and good deodorant and can serve as an alternative to shampoo.

Lime is also effective in cleaning the teeth and gums. A pinch of lime, common salt and sodium bicarbonate mixture is used for lightly massaging the teeth and gums. This mixture cleans the teeth and heals bleeding gums due to scurvy or pyorrhea.

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