Aliens could come in a 3D balloon world settlement

Besides many advanced aliens and our own future genetically advancing folks most likely preferring to often enjoy various entertainments, (including shared intimate sensual pleasures with beloved mates, instead of being too exclusively dedicated to serious high tech matters), we should also expect that many will prefer biogenetic improvements to help them live much longer with limited aging, while preferring improvements to nicely become more totally healthy. These can much aid long interstellar voyages, preventing any from getting bored to death.

For realistic interstellar travel, (not dreamily tied to nonsense warp drives, unreal fantasy travel far beyond light speed, or magical leaps somehow across space), then once antimatter can be collected, such as may be produced from energy collected in closer to one's sun, then since we should also expect physics to become able to convert average (random sonic speed heat) temperature into reusable energy such as electricity, this means such reusable local energy will so greatly reduce additional energy needs for a big efficient 3D balloon world settlement of aliens, so that it can even be gradually moved whole to a distant star, like to Sol here, while having a huge antimatter supply for much more living plus travel energy, not needing to too dangerously speed to any even distant star!

Not being too fast traveling, so what if shifting such a 3D balloon world of self improved aliens to some other star, (or a Fullball world then having happy living perfectly healthy age frozen advanced human "moderns"), would cost maybe even many centuries? During such a long voyage, it can then needfully keep watchfully viewing far enough ahead, scanning for significant space junk to deflect away from early enough.

Even better, it can send something ahead to detect and deflect away any significant space junk. (Lots of small space debris would get caught into or simply bounce off the outer cover for the very thick protective layer properly serving also as very good heat insulation.) All this could protect a whole 3D balloon world of aliens. They can then happily stay living in it with friends and lots of others. So a whole population of aliens could eventually contentedly arrive here in such a big whole 3D balloon world settlement good for even many billions (1,000,000,000s) of them to have kept happily living in!

Wouldn't this be a most exciting option? No need then for other wished for eventually inhabitable planets around any other stars. There are lots of unused asteroids here which such aliens can freely happily use all they like. Aliens and we might then love sharing fascinating good thinking and many recent very different very good useful inventions, (and also nice humorous entertainments).

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