Use heat's molecular motions

Humans had long used sonic speed kinetic heat molecular motions, such as to help dissolve things. Hotter faster moving liquid's molecules contacting some soluable solid might strike some of the solid's surface molecules hard enough to give them fast enough random sonic speed heat vibrations to become able to break free from the solid form, and thus end up dissolved.

Exploiting local temperature kinetic heat random molecule motions to have some momentarily hotter faster water molecules selectively manage to evaporate,(costing part of their momentarily randomly faster kinetic heat molecule speeds to manage to break out and escape through water's surface tension), left water retaining its less speedy (cooler) molecules, thus effectively cooling the water. This had allowed easy human benefits of simple evaporative cooling.(This is also related to why several animals including us naturally evolved to usefully sweat when too hot.)

Much faster molecular motions in rocket flames effectively raised high resulting gas pressure to give strong propulsive rocket force. Gasoline engines also depended on the higher pressures due to hot combustion chemical energy causing gas molecules to speed about with much faster kinetic heat motions, thus producing higher usable gas pressures.

Various schemes were considered to convert average temperature heat into wanted reusable electricity. What if a submicroscopic hexagon wheel has a molecular scale panel sticking out from each corner, attached hinged so that each panel could get easily tipped back around in the anticlockwise direction by some sonic speed average temperature molecular strikes. But no panel was allowed to be merely tipped away clockwise by a blow in the other direction. It would instead give the whole hexagon wheel some clockwise spin.

Surrounding average temperature heat thus gives the wheel overall clockwise spin. This could then get converted into electricity. Best could be to fix many such hexagon wheels side by side on a long common axis through their centers. Then assemble lots of these close together with their long axes aligned in the same common parallel direction to fill space in a fluid (gas or liquid). Then pass the spins of these axes to tiny electric generators.

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