Laxmi Sadhana

The practitioners of Yakshini worship believe that the Goddess of Wealth Laxmi is also a Yakshimi [the feminine mystical being or energy, who is the guardian of wealth]. Hence the ritual of Laxmi Sadhana is widely prevalent in Yakshini worship.

The ritual given here is of the Sadhana of the Laxmi Yakshini. One has to recite the mantra given below 100,000 times; this has to be done in your own home.

After the completion of this Sadhana one has to offer 10,000 Havans,that is 1/10th of the total number of recitations of the mantra. This Havan has to be of Red Kanheri flowers.

On the completion of this ritual the Laxmi Yakshini is said to give all kinds of wealth to the practitioner. This ritual is said to be very powerful.

Laxmi Yakshini Mantra Chant
Laxmi Yakshini Mantra

Om Aim Laxmi Shreem Kamaldharini Kalhansi Swaha ll

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  1. What is meant by HAVANS please......does it mean we have to perform 10000 yagnas or offer 10000 flowers mentioned? Please let me know.
    Thank You,

  2. hello sir,
    a couple of questions regarding this post.
    1. if a woman is performing this, does she have to take a break during her monthly cycle?
    2. if yes, then can she continue with it or has to start all over again? there a particular time in which the 1,00,000 recitation has to be completed?
    4. can you explain the procedure for the havan.
    thanks and regards

    1. A woman can take a break during the periods and continue from where she stopped. The Sadhana should be completed in a fixed time of say 1000 chants for 100 days or earlier as per the wish of the practitioner, but the chants per day have to be a fixed number.
      The Havana can also be done in the same manner after the completion of the 100,000 chants.
      For the Havan, the practitioner should offer the flower to the fire after chanting the mantra, this has to be done 10,000 times.

    2. How many times should I repeat it a day, can I say it 1500 times per day until I complete it 10,000 times please answer me I wish to start tommorow, and the flower should I offer all in the fire together all every day to till it completed

  3. GURUJI good evening
    Plz tell me the name of red kanheri flower in Telugu...plz GURUJI plz tell me and where do we find those flowers...

    With regards


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