Siddhi over the Maha-mrityunjaya mantra

The Maha-mrityunjaya mantra is the most sacred and powerful of the Hindu mantra to avert sudden and untimely death and also the fear of death. This is the mantra which is most dear to Shiva.

Though I said before that there are no pre-conditions to the chanting of this Mantra; which can be recited as long as one wishes; at anytime of the day or night. There still exists a procedure; followed on attaining mastery over this mantra.

To attain Siddhi [Mastery] it has be prescribed that this mantra be chanted 1, 25,000 times. Then one has to offer Dashansh Havan [1/10th] of Til [Sesame Seeds and fruits of the Beal tree [Aegle marmelos or Stone Apple]. This works out to 12,500 Havans or offerings of Til and Bael fruits.


If you do not wish to do the Havan then you must give charity to the poor and needy.

It has been said that whosoever attains Siddhi [Mastery] over this mantra leads a safe, healthy and disease free life and lives for a hundred years; he dies happily and without pain or suffering.

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  1. Please advice. I am a working man in a demanding job and will not have the time to recite the mantra 1,25,00 times in one session. Can it be broken up into many sessions? Will the efficacy of siddhi be reduced ? Can I use it for others (to cure my daughter of her riding-injury tail bone fracture which is not improving with full medical treatment?)

    I will be grateful for answers.


    1. First divide the mantra into equal sessions and after you finish 125,000 chants start the Havan, you can also divide this into equal sessions.
      You can use the mantra to help others.

  2. I chanted this mantra for 21000 times in equal sittings. Then a blood relative passed away. It was discontinued hence. Should I take the sankalp again or continue after shuddhi?


    1. You can continue from where you discontinued.

    2. Aashish, Which version did u chant..small one or the big ?
      Did it really cure ur blood relative ?
      I am curious to know about it bcz i hv tooth decay and i wanna chant the mantra .Thanks.

    3. Alden....the blood relative passed away. I wasn't doing it for her.

  3. Sir after reciting it for 125000 times I wish to do charity. So the charity be done in form of money or should I offer food to the needy.

  4. Sir,should I recite this mantra for 125000 times without giving any donations and then go on donating 12500 times?

    Should I donate for 12500 times? can I donate more than once a day?

    Please help me

  5. Sir plz tell me that mantra spoken in havan will be om joom sah swaha for ahuti or full mantra (mam palay palay ) ..can we add jaw ,rice, till, bael fruit , ghee , bail patra or just till n bail fruit in havan samagri ...

    1. The recommended Havan Offering is described in the post and the full Mantra should be chanted while making the offering to the Havan.

  6. Hey Neel, does this Mrityunjaya Mantra need initiation ?

  7. How to do Havan ?

  8. I chanted the smaller version. Could not do the havan.
    Usually it is a good idea to get it done by good priests.
    It costs around 35000 INR.

  9. namastey sir vastra and offerings ke bare me bataye while doing siddhi over mahamritunjya mantra.and is it necessary to complete 125000 chants in just 41 days.will i need to take a sankalp because i am doing this for my brother who is no getting cured after a long period of disease.some times he cries because of his disease

    1. The Mantra should be practiced by your brother, in case he is unable to do so, you can try the Mantra in this post to heal your brother-

  10. Sir is there any special mantra for eye disorders....plz help me

    1. There are many such mantras on this, do a site search and you will find them.


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