Bigger Asteroid Space Settlements

Others from Earth may be happy to join those in some possible 3-10km Asteroid's initial small surface settlement formed after a sent very capable robotic starting minimalized collection had refined enough to greatly expand its equipment and abilities, to then form the initial small settlement. After building it, the expanding robotic collection would have had ample free time available to accomplish much more.

If more from Earth then chose to move here, the asteroid would need a bigger Space Settlement, like 20 200m radius levels. The Robotic equipment would have kept busy, preparing what would be needed, then building this. When finished, all would move from the initial settlement into this now bigger better one.

20 levels could have folks in the inner 1/8 area, farms in the outer 7/8.If folks generously averaged a 2 level home space square 35m * 35m per person,(including area for an enclosing yard with maybe a garden, picnic table, reclining lounge chairs, a storage shed, areas for walkways etc., then there might be 125 settlers. If homes are in the inner 1/8 settlement area, then if living near the center, to visit friends you'd only have to travel at most km/15=.04mi. So just very lightly walk there!

Walking would be extremely lightweight, awfully slow. Quicker to take slow easy hops or jumps, then each time soon push off the ceiling. But you'd be warned never to jump fast if outside in a space suit, (as your very light weight would alert you). For 3g/cc 3km 5km 7km 9km asteroids, speeds 1.94 3.24 4.53 5.83 m/s would send you off out into space, never to return again!

That's how little speed things would gain falling to the surfaces from far away, which lets vessels land quite lightly on such asteroids (having weights on their surfaces .000127, .000212, .000297, .000381 of the weights at roughly 2,000 times bigger Earth diameter 12756km, thus also very rapidly declining above the asteroid surfaces roughly 4,000,000 times faster!), letting you extremely easily land merely using ion jets, never needing any powerful rockets.

You could lightly jump up a number of levels, or easily drift back down to a lower level. Hand fans or air scoops would help. So why bother with any elevator lift? If you like, just very lightly pull up or slip down a rope or pole. And no need for special transportation. Carry huge loads extremely easily, almost weightless here. (In fact loads might help you walk.)

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