Simple way to do Vastu Shuddhi

Vastu Shuddhi means purification of your place of dwelling. Certain lengthy, time consuming, costly, procedures, rituals and Remedies have been prescribed for this common Hindu practice.

I am giving here a most simple way to do Vastu Shuddhi and purify your house.I have been told of this procedure by a Enlightened person.This procedure can be practiced by anyone and does not involve time consuming and costly rituals; you can do it your self.

Every one and a quarter months all you have to do is take some Manjri or Krishna Tulsi [Holy Basil having reddish leaves] and put this Tulsi in a utensil filled with clean drinking water.

Then you have to sprinkle this water in every room of your house including over your place of worship and all the persons who reside in the house.

The all of you have to drink the water as Tirth [Prasad] and everyone has to keep a few Tulsi leaves inside every room.

This is said to purify the atmosphere inside your house and drive out all the harmful vibrations and energies.

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  1. will i do it every day, what will i do of the old tulsi leaves kept in room will i throw it

  2. Neel sir..can this step be used against evil eyes and other negative energies or it only works for vastu related problems.


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