Foods which are harmful for Kidney Stones

The formation of Kidney Stones in your body has a lot to do with your dietary patterns. Improper diet leads to the formation of large Kidney Stones which find it difficult to pass through the Urinary outlet. This leads to Ureteral obstruction; which in turn leads to a variety of illnesses; including pain.

Though numerous dietary plans are available in the market, I am giving here those foods which in Naturopathy are considered as harmful for those suffering from Kidney Stones.

Harmful – Fish, Meat, Eggs, Tomato , Tea, Coco, Pineapple , Almonds, Til [Sesame Seeds] Coffee,Baingan[Eggplant], Drumstick, Palak[Spinach], Red Sorrel leaves and Colacasia or Taro leaf.

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