Proper diet for Diabetics

Diabetic patients arguably more than any one else have to be most careful about their Diet along with the prescribed medication.

There are a numerous dietary plans available in the market for Diabetics. The one I am giving below for your benefit is the one which is the Proper diet recommended for Diabetics in Naturopathy.

Beneficial – Green Vegetables, Curds, Butter Milk, Karela [bitter Melon], fresh Clarified Butter, Milk, Garlic, Methi [Fenugreek] Seeds, Oranges, Tomato, Almonds, Moog Dal [Green Gram], Til [Sesame Seeds] and Mooli [White Radish], Parwal [Pointed Groud] and Jambul [ Black Plum].

Harmful - Jaggery, Sugar, Sweets and related products, Tea, Coffee, Cold Beverages, Alcohol, Sweet Potato, Sago, Potato, Rice, Fruits and Suran [Elephant foot yam]

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