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Sun Worship to Attract Desired Lover

Some days back, while going through an ancient Indian work on Mohini Mantra Vidya and Vidhi, I came across a very interesting Vashikaran experiment, which involves a most simple and easy to perform Surya Aradhana to attract a desired man or woman for the purposes of friendship, love and marriage.  In this post, I have described the simple method of performing the Surya Aradhana for the benefit of the followers of Vashikaran Shastra who regularly request me to write about easy to perform Voodoo Spells to enchant the elusive lover whose love they are desperately longing for.

Mantra for the Victorious Vishnu

There are some references in certain Hindu mythological texts about Vishnu being referred to as Jishnu.  Jishnu means always victorious or triumphant or the one who always wins in the end. In Hinduism Vishnu is the Protector of Creation and hence the divine force, which manifests whenever there is a danger of humanity or the Universe being overrun by evil and destructive forces, the Demons[Rakshasas].  Hindu mythology is replete with examples of the unending strife between the Good and Evil and the intervention of Vishnu or his Avatars on the side those on the right path or Satya [truth] to annihilate the evil and demonic forces.

Yantra for Cash Box of Shop

This Yantra, which, I have described in this post, is specifically prepared by shopkeepers to be kept in the Cash Box or Money Counter of a Shop. Almost all shops have no matter how small have a Money Box or Drawer where the Shop’s Money is kept. This particular Indian Good Luck Charm, which is known in the Hindi language as the Dukan Ke Gale Ka Laxmi Prapti Yantra is Money Attracting Charm, which is said to increase the inflow of Money into the shop.

Remedy to remove Evil Eye from a Business

This is one more paranormal Indian exorcism remedy for resolving paranormal issues related to business failure, bankruptcy, losses and the closing down of the business.  This Lal Kitab Totka is known in the Hindi language as the Vyapar Se Buri Nazar Bhagane Ka Gupt Upay or the Remedy to remove Evil Eye from a Business. I have called this remedy as Gupt or Secret because it has to be performed in secrecy without the knowledge of anyone.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Curing Migraine

This Aadha Shishi Ke Dard ke Nivaran Ka Gharelu Totka or home remedy for getting relief from migraine has originated from the magical Indian paranormal text, the Lal Kitab . This paranormal home remedy might appear to be meaningless and weird at first sight to those not well versed with Indian Tantric Remedies and other related paranormal practices but that is exactly how their original composers composed these Occult Spells in the Early and Late Middle Ages.

Mantra for Second Baby Pregnancy

A very simple Hindu Mantra-Tantra Remedy for those women desiring to have a second baby is being described by me in this post. Many women experience that after the first pregnancy and the subsequent birth of a child there is a long delay for unspecified reasons in getting pregnant again and giving birth to a second baby. This particular Mantra is likely to help such women in having a second baby.

Hindu Happiness Remedy for Newly Married Girl

This is a simple and easy to perform home remedy for the parents of a Hindu bride wishing to protect, safeguard and make their daughter safe, secure, happy, peaceful and contented in her husband’s home. This simple remedy, which has its origins in the magical Lal Kitab, invokes Bhagwati Mata or the Divine Mother to ensure that the bride finds happiness in her husband’s home and maintains cordial relations with her In Laws

Lal Kitab Remedy for Husband Wife Problems

In this post, I have described a simple and easy to perform paranormal remedy for Husband Wife Problems, which is performed without the use of any kind of Dosha Nivaran Mantra or Yantra. This remedy, which has originated from the Lal Kitab can be practiced by either the husband or wife for 11 consecutive Thursdays in front of a Peepal Tree. This Lal Kitab Remedy is said to resolve all problems like fights, quarrels, disagreements, suspicion, distrust, jealously  and other man-woman problems between the life partners.

Urad Tantra Mantra to Increase Yield of Plants

Hindu Vanaspati Tantra, which is a paranormal occult science for using the various parts of trees, plants and herbs, contains a specific Urd or Urad Tantra or paranormal occult experiments, which are performed using Urad or the various parts of the Urad plant. In some earlier posts, I have described some Mantra remedies using Urad or Vigna mungo, Black gram, Black lentil or mungo bean as this plant in called in the English language. In this post, I have described a Mantra Experiment to increase the yield of trees, plants or herbs of any kind using a part of the Urad Plant; this Mantra Remedy originates from the Urd Tantra.

Simple Saraswati Mantras for Everyone

In this post, I have described three simple long term Saraswati Mantras for everyone, which can prove to be beneficial to any person, including students, researchers, scientists, spiritual practitioners and all those scholars and knowledge seekers trying to increase their knowledge. These simple Saraswati Mantras can also benefit the ordinary person, including householders and retired persons to calm their minds and enhance their brainpower and capacity, thinking, grasping and memory power.

Simple Home Remedies using Chiku

The Chiku or Sapodilla as it is known in English is a common fruit in most parts of the world, including India. The Chiku contains 71 percent water, 1 ½ percent Proteins, 1 ½ percent Fat and 25 ½ percent Carbohydrates. It is also rich in Vitamin A content with a small presence of Vitamin C. The Chiku contains 14 percent sugar and is rich in Phosphorus and Iron content.  In this post, I have described some simple and easy healing home remedies , which can be practiced using the Chiku.

Shri Ram Mantra to Heal Wounds

In this post, I have described a Hindu Shabar Health Mantra to heal wounds and injuries. The Shabar Mantra as is seen from its specific wording is dedicated to Shri Ram and invokes him to heal the wounds of an injured person, including a severely wounded person. The healing Mantra also invokes Maharishi Valmiki, the original composer of the Ramayana and the Guru of Rama’s sons Lav and Kush.

Yantra to Remove Diseases in Women

This Indian health Yantra, which, I have explained in this post, is a special Stri Kasht Nivaran or Stri Rog Mukti Yantra meaning a talisman to free a woman from diseases and ailments. These diseases and ailments include those, which are specific to women like uterus, menstrual cycle related ones, frigidity, breast cancer and other such women specific diseases. There are two methods in which this Yantra can be prepared both the method might appear weird and uncanny to the layperson but that’s how some of these Indian Paranormal Remedies were original composed as per reliable Hindu scriptures.

Tantrik Experiments to Defeat Enemy

In many previous posts, I have described many unique Indian paranormal experiments, which are conducted using the parts of the magical Gunja or Rosary Pea Plant. In this post, I have described some rare Hindu Tantrik enemy defeating paranormal experiments, which are performed using the parts of this plant.  Such Occult Voodoo destructive experiments are best avoided and should only be performed for the general good of the public or Lok Kalyan .

Deva Manushya and Rakshasa Gana in Astrology

Most people possessing even a basic knowledge of Hindu Vedic Astrology will be aware of the three basic character groupings in a Kundali of the Deva, Manushya and Rakshasa Gana.  These groupings are based upon the birth Nakshatra or Constellations , which are again classified into three broad types based upon these three Ganas.  The literal translation of Dev, Manushya and Rakshasa in English is God, Human and Demon. Interestingly they also correspond to the three Gunas; Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik Gunas or Pure, Materialistic and Evil or Dark qualities.

Muslim Naqsh Taweez for Frightful Child

The Islamic Naqsh described by me in this post is a Muslim protective talisman for reliving a frightful child of his fears. Children are more often than not likely to be fearful of unknown things and the dark. A child is also likely to imagine things, daydream, and get frightened, hence it is most advisable for parents and elders not to unnecessarily frighten a child by putting the fear of ghosts, the dark and other scary things in order to make the child obedient and listen to them.

Mantras to Meditate on Invincible Vishnu

Ancient Hindu scriptures have spoken time and again about the divine and celestial weapons of the Vishnu, the Protector or the Palanharta of the Universe, including ordinary mortals. Most people identify the Mace [Gadha], the Missile [Narayanastra] or the Discuss [Sudarshan Chakra] as the main weapons of Vishnu. However, the Divine Bow of Vishnu whose name is Sharang is also considered to be a most deadly and destructive celestial weapon, it is this Bow by which Vishnu was able to defeat even his equal,   the invincible Shiva .

Powerful Hindu Enemy Protection Charm

The Limonia acidissima tree commonly known as the Wood-Apple or Bael-Fruit tree and as the Kaitha or Kavath tree in Hindi is said to be a tree possessing strong medicinal healing powers. The various parts of this tree, which is most common in India and the Indian Sub-Continent are used in numerous traditional Indian healing and home remedies. In this post, I have described a paranormal remedy to remove fear of danger and harm from enemies, rivals, opponents, competitions and jealous and envious people, including relations using an Epiphytic or Parasite Plant, which is growing on the Wood Apple tree.

Best Mantras for Makar Sankranti

Maker Sankranti is the first of the major Hindu festivals of the New Year, which is celebrated all over India. This festival is known as Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Maghi in Punjab, which falls a day after Lohri, Uttarayan in Gujarat, and the highlight being the traditional Kite Flying festivities. This year Makar Sankranti falls on the 15th of January. Maker Sankranti is mostly celebrated in most parts of India according to the local customs and traditions prevalent in that part of India.

Banyan Epiphytic Remedy to Regain Sex Power

The Epiphytic of the Banyan tree or the Bargad Ke Ped Par Ane Wala Banda is a small tree, which grows on the Banyan tree like a parasite. The Banyan Epiphytic is an uncommon and rare Epiphytic, which possesses certain specific magical paranormal powers according to the Indian paranormal science of Vanaspati Tantra. In this post, I have discussed a very special Tantra, which as per the Vanaspati Tantra is said to restore youth and lost sex drive and vitality.

Ganpati Mantra for Safety from Hostile Animals

The  Ganesha Mantra described by me in is post is a Atma Raksha Mantra to stop harm from poisonous and hostile animal, birds, insects, reptiles and fish is a powerful Ganesh Shabar Mantra, which gives the power to the Sadhaka to stop the hostile being mentioned above by blowing his breath in their direction.  This is one of those Siddhis, which were gained by the Indian Swamis and Yogis of the Middle and Early Middle Ages for their Suraksha [protection], while they travelled through rough and unfriendly regions.

Money Making Remedy using Billi Ki Jer

In this post, I have described two very interesting Tantric experiments or remedies, which are performed using the Tantric item; the Billi Ki Jer. These paranormal experiments originate from the Dattatreya Tantra, which is a most sacred Hindu text comprising some of the most secret Mantra-Tantra Sadhanas of all kinds, including those relating to wealth, enemies and Vashikaran. The first experiment is a simple and easy to practice Indian paranormal home remedy for making money  or Gharelu Dhan Sampati Paisa Pane Ka Totka-Upay-Nushka  while the second experiment, which is for becoming invisible to the naked eye  is for advanced Tantric practitioners.

Paranormal Remedies using Pomegranate Epiphytic

Indian paranormal sciences, especially the Vanaspati Tantra attaches great importance to Epiphytic Plants. These plants, which grow like parasites on other plants are called Banda in the Hindi language and are said to possess strong paranormal magical powers. In this post, I have described two simple and easy to practice Tantric experiments or Totke, which are preformed using the Epiphytic of the Pomegranate plant, which is called as the Anar Ke Ped Par Anewala Banda in the Hindi language or a parasite plant, which is growing on the Pomegranate tree.

Videshan Yantra using Kanji Water

Kanji or Rice Water as it is called in English is an edible drink, which most people would have consumed some time or the other in their lives, especially in their childhood. Kanji, which is the water drained from boiled rice is said to contain medicinal properties and hence recommended as a home remedy for sick and ailing people as a healing liquid. The Videshan Yantra described by me in this post is used in an Indian Paranormal Yantra Experiment to cause fight, disagreements and opposition in the house of any opponent, enemy or competitor.

Importance of Haldi Rituals In Hinduism

The Haldi Mala is a Mantra Chants counting rosary or Japa Mala prepared by shaping Turmeric roots into round beads like shapes, which are weaved into a yellow colored thread.  The Haldi Japa Mala is a Tantric Mala, which is used to count Mantra Chants and also in the worship of specific Hindu Mantra Sadhanas of certain deities like Baglamukhi Mata, one of the ten Goddesses of the Dasha Mahavidya, Tantric worship of Brihaspati and Haridra Ganapati, a form of Ganesha, worshipped in diverse Tantric Mantra Sadhanas ranging from liberation to the enjoyment of the luxuries and comforts of life.

Powerful Love Tantra to Win Dream Lover

I describe a simplistic Tantra of maintaining Maun Vrat to win over the love and affection of a desired lover in this post. This Tantra uses the most powerful vibrations of pure love to make your dream come true and get your dream life partner.  Pure love stands for God and the most powerful force in the Universe; hence, this love Tantra is extremely effective, if practiced correctly.

Protective Talismans made from Kali Haldi

In this post, I have described a few simple methods to prepare at home protective talismans, which make the use of the magical Tantric item the Kali Haldi or Black Turmeric. These homemade protective talismans or Tabeez are simple and easy to make and are believed to repulse and remove black magic, evil eye, harmful ghosts, spirits and harmful vibrations of malefic or unfavorable planets in the horoscope of an individual.

Mantra to Know Language of Mice

The Mantras described in this post are from a rare Hindu Tantra, which describes the knowledge of gaining the paranormal ability to know and understand the language of animals from the sound made by them. In this post, I have described a Mantra Experiment, which is believed to enable the one who has Mastered the Mantra to understand the language of Mice. Along with the paranormal ability to understand the sounds made by mice, the Tantra say that the practitioner will succeed in anything he does and good luck will always favor him and he will make his fortune.

Money Booster Indian Paranormal Remedy

In this post, I have described a most simple Dhanvardhak  Totka or Money Booster Remedy, which can be practiced on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi , which is the most beneficial period during the year for the Puja-Worship of Ganesha. If unable to perform this remedy during the period of Ganesh Chaturthi, it can be practiced during the period of the Guru Pushya Yoga, which is also a most powerful and beneficial astrological Yoga for performing most kinds of auspicious Mantra-Yantra-Tantra Sadhanas.

Audumbar Tree Dattatreya Mantra Sadhana

The Cluster Fig Tree also known as the Indian Fig Tree or Goolar, Gular, Audumbar, Oudumbar in the Hindi-Sanskrit languages is holy tree for the devotees of Guru Dattatreya. It is believed that Bhagwan Dattatreya, the immortal and omnipresent Guru of all Gurus blesses all those who worship this tree. In this post, I have either described a very simple and easy to practice Mantra Prayoga for Datta Bhakts , which is practiced under the Audumbar Tree or using its Root.

Paranormal Experiment using Pigeon

The three Indian Tantric Paranormal experiments described by me in this post are performed using the various body parts of a Pigeon or the Kabutar Pakshi in the Hindi language.  At the very outset let me make it clear that the Pigeon is a harmless creature and the purpose of writing this article is not to cause any harm to the Pigeon but to describe and give information about rare and authentic Indian Paranormal Remedies .