Simple Saraswati Mantras for Everyone

In this post, I have described three simple long term Saraswati Mantras for everyone, which can prove to be beneficial to any person, including students, researchers, scientists, spiritual practitioners and all those scholars and knowledge seekers trying to increase their knowledge. These simple Saraswati Mantras can also benefit the ordinary person, including householders and retired persons to calm their minds and enhance their brainpower and capacity, thinking, grasping and memory power.

These Saraswati Mantras can be counted any time during the day or night and there is no fixed Sadhana-Vidhi or Puja procedure prescribed for the practice of the Mantras.  The practitioner can select anyone of these Mantras as they are all for the same purpose, which is acquisition and enhancement of knowledge.

1] मंत्र
ॐ शारदामातायै नमः ||
Om Shardamatayai Namah ||

2] मंत्र
ॐ शारदामात्रे नमः ||
Om Shardamatre Namah ||

Both the Saraswati Mantras given above are essentially variations of each other with the same meaning, which is – Namaskar to Saraswati Mata. These Mantra will prove extremely beneficial if chanted 900,000 times in a lifetime.

3] मंत्र
ॐ ब्रह्मपुत्र्यै नमः ||
Om Brahmaputryai Namah ||
The meaning of this Mantra is – I Salute the Saraswati who is the daughter of Brahma.
This Saraswati Mantra as per the scripture will prove most beneficial if chanted 700,000 times in a lifetime.

Note- The Saraswati Mantra will start showing very positive results in a short period of time, like a few days. The recommended Mantra Chants are given because the Mantras will start showing their most positive results when this limit is reached and the practitioner is free to discontinue the Mantra Sadhana.

Some years back, I had given a couple of simple Saraswati Mantras for students. These Mantras can also be chanted by the seekers of knowledge and the recommended Mantra Chants as per the text is 700,000 Mantra chants.  That post can be seen here- Simple Saraswati Mantra Mantra Sadhana for Students


  1. Which mala is ideal for Saraswati sahdana ?
    Sphatik ?
    Also , In section of Kartaveerya Sadhana Mantras , there is one for intellect : Ayeim namaste Kartaveeryaya .
    Can this be also chanted on occasion of vasant panchami ?

    1. Along with Sphatik, the Kamalgata or Lotus Seeds Counting Rosary is said to be auspicious for the chanting of Laxmi Mantras.
      Yes, you can chant thar Mantra of the occasion of Vasant Panchami.

  2. Sir , I aksed mala for Saraswati mantras , here hou have mentioned mala for lakshmi mantra .
    Also most mantras of saraswati are like 1 , 7 or 10 lakh amount .
    Are there any withing 20-50 thousand japa amount which show good effect in small time , for studies purpose (mainly grasping , memorization and recalling the memorized topics )

    1. Sphatik Counting Rosary can also be used for counting Saraswati Mantras.

    2. Neel sir,

      Is there any sadhna or mantra which gives such a memory that once I listen, read or write something , I will never forget it for my lifetime?

      I know that might be somewhere some yantra textbook that you may know. Please post them and reply to this comment. I want to knows what could you offer in help?

    3. There are some Mantras to enhance Mind and Brain Powers given in the Brain Mantras and Saraswati Mantras Sections.
      What you desire is possible if you get Siddhi over any of these Mantras.

    4. thanks a ton for replying, but i would like your divine guidance in pinpointing those mantras which you think would be the most effective in realizing my intention.

      please do!


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