Mantras to Meditate on Invincible Vishnu

Ancient Hindu scriptures have spoken time and again about the divine and celestial weapons of the Vishnu, the Protector or the Palanharta of the Universe, including ordinary mortals. Most people identify the Mace [Gadha], the Missile [Narayanastra] or the Discuss [Sudarshan Chakra] as the main weapons of Vishnu. However, the Divine Bow of Vishnu whose name is Sharang is also considered to be a most deadly and destructive celestial weapon, it is this Bow by which Vishnu was able to defeat even his equal,  the invincible Shiva.

The Divine Bow Sharang was also a part of the armory of some of the Avatars of Vishnu like Parshurama, Rama and Shri Krishna. In this post, I have written about two similar mantras, which are variations of each other having the same purpose for the benefit of those devotees of Vishnu who visualize him in this invincible warrior form as the holder of the Sharang.

ॐ शारंगधराय नमः ||
Om Sharaangadharaaya Namah ||
ॐ शारंगपणये नमः ||
Om Shaarangapanaye Namah ||

Meaning- I salute Vishnu who holds the Bow named Sharang in his hands.

Both the Mantras are long-term Satvik [Pure] meditation Mantras of Vishnu and will give great benefits, including spiritual ones to Vishnu Bhakts.  The Vishnu Bhakt can select anyone of these two Mantras for the Meditation. The scripture indicates that the Mantras should be chanted 900,000 times during the lifetime of the devotee.

Devotees of Shri, Rama, Shri, Krishna or Parshurama can also chant any of these two Mantras to meditate upon any of these Avatars of Bhagwan Vishnu.

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  1. sir the interesting part is knowing that when he was able to defeat the Shiva??
    plz tell about the avatars!! thankk u


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