Paranormal Experiment using Pigeon

The three Indian Tantric Paranormal experiments described by me in this post are performed using the various body parts of a Pigeon or the Kabutar Pakshi in the Hindi language.  At the very outset let me make it clear that the Pigeon is a harmless creature and the purpose of writing this article is not to cause any harm to the Pigeon but to describe and give information about rare and authentic Indian Paranormal Remedies.

To defeat an opponent [Shatru-Pratispardhi]- To either defeat any opponent or a competitor either in a debating, competition  or gambling or in a fight, like boxing , karate or wrestling the practitioner should make a fine paste of the flesh of a Wild Pigeon.  The Tantra says that if the practitioner goes to the competition or fight with the Tilak on his forehead then he will easily emerge victorious. This Tantra is also known as a Stambham or Immobilization, which is said to immobilize the opponent into submission.

For prolonged pleasure in lovemaking [Prem Sharirik Sambandh]- A bone of skull of a Pigeon should be obtained during the specific period of the Pushya Nakshatra or the astronomical constellation of Delta Cancri. The Tantra says that if the practitioner ties this bone with a thread around the waist like a talisman, it will give the practitioner great pleasure and enjoyment in love making by ensuring that there is no premature ejaculation.

To put an enchantment spell on a woman- As per the Tantra, the beak of a Pigeon, honey and rock salt are mixed in equal quantity and grounded to prepare a fine paste. The Tantra further says that if the practitioner applies this paste on his private part before love making the woman will become so strongly attracted towards him that she will willingly become his slave.  This is a said to be a most powerful Vashikaran Totka to bring a woman under total control and management of the practitioner.

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