Importance of Haldi Rituals In Hinduism

The Haldi Mala is a Mantra Chants counting rosary or Japa Mala prepared by shaping Turmeric roots into round beads like shapes, which are weaved into a yellow colored thread.  The Haldi Japa Mala is a Tantric Mala, which is used to count Mantra Chants and also in the worship of specific Hindu Mantra Sadhanas of certain deities like Baglamukhi Mata, one of the ten Goddesses of the Dasha Mahavidya, Tantric worship of Brihaspati and Haridra Ganapati, a form of Ganesha, worshipped in diverse Tantric Mantra Sadhanas ranging from liberation to the enjoyment of the luxuries and comforts of life.

The Haldi or Turmeric has proven healing properties and has always been a part and parcel of traditional Indian Medicine and Ayurveda since the ancient times. Haldi being a know antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent numerous home remedies for a diverse range of ailments, including cough and colds and the healing and prevention of infections of wounds are practiced using Haldi. This site has over the past many years published numerous simple home remedies making the use of Turmeric, some of these simple home remedies can be seen -Here

The Haldi Ceremony Ritual is an important integral part of most traditional Hindu weddings where Turmeric is applied on the bodies of the bride and bridegroom. This Haldi Ritual is symbolic of imparting future health and protection to the newly wedded couple in their married lives.

Some traditional Indian healers advise their patients to wear the Haldi Mala around their neck to cure diseases like jaundice and insanity. The Devotees of certain Hindu deities, performing specific Tantric Prayogas also wear the Haldi Mala around their neck.

Haldi Roots are also kept in the house in places like the money safe, cupboard, trunk, granary or other places where money, jewellary, valuables or food grains are stored. This is believed to attract the presence of the Goddess of Wealth Laxmi Mata into the house and make it prosperous and wealthy.  Before placing the Turmeric Bulbs in the selected place, they are washed and purified by offering them Dhoop-Diya. The selected place is also cleaned and washed and if the practitioner so desires he could always chant a Laxmi Mantra while placing the Haldi in the selected location inside the house. Many Laxmi Mata Mantras can be seen - Here

Some people draw a Rangoli of Om – ॐ in front of their homes using a mixture of crushed Haldi and Rice Grains. Such a Rangoli is believed to be useful in preventing harmful unseen and paranormal energies from entering the house. According to me, this Rangoli will be equally effective if only Haldi is used.

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