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Urad Tantra Mantra to Increase Yield of Plants

Hindu Vanaspati Tantra, which is a paranormal occult science for using the various parts of trees, plants and herbs, contains a specific Urd or Urad Tantra or paranormal occult experiments, which are performed using Urad or the various parts of the Urad plant. In some earlier posts, I have described some Mantra remedies using Urad or Vigna mungo, Black gram, Black lentil or mungo bean as this plant in called in the English language. In this post, I have described a Mantra Experiment to increase the yield of trees, plants or herbs of any kind using a part of the Urad Plant; this Mantra Remedy originates from the Urd Tantra.

The actual Mantra Experiment is most simple and easy for any person to perform to increase the yield of any plant, herb or tree.  The practitioner should break and bring home some of the first raw pods of the Urad plant.  Then he should take a couple of Urad Pods in his right hand and chant the Mantra given below and throw the Mantra Infused Urad Pods on the tree or plant whose yield he wishes to enhance, which concluded the Mantra Prayoga.

मेढरु मार बड़ा एक लावे |
ताके मुंह पे उर्द बुवावे ||
जब ये तंत्र करा सुन लेउ |
गाड ताय पृथ्वी में देऊ ||
उगे जिस समय विकट सुहाना |
ताकि सेवा कर विधि नाना ||
जब हो उर्द फर्रा सून भाई |
जब तुम युक्ति बने सुहाई ||
Medharu Maar Bada Ek Laave |
Taake Mumha Pe Urda Buvaave ||
Jab Ye Tantra Karaa Sun Leu |
Gaada Taaya Prithvi Mem Deu ||
Uge Jis Samay Vikat Suhaanaa |
Taaki Sevaa Kar Vidhi Nana ||
Jab Ho Urda Faraa Soon Bhai |
Jab Tum Yukti Bane Suhaee ||

Notes- The Mantra is a Siddha Mantra and does not need to be Mastered in order to perform the Mantra Experiment described in the above post.

There is no Puja-Vidhi involved and the Mantra Experiment can be performed on any day.
However, the practitioner should memorize the Mantra by heart and chant it without looking at a written version of the Mantra.

The Mantra Experiment can be used to increase and increase the yield of a tree or plant, which means an increase in the fruits, flowers, grains, leaves or any other part of the plant. The Mantra Experiment is also said to make the whole tree or plant healthy and enhance its size.

Simailar Mantra Experiment can be seen here- Mantra to Enhance Food Grains Quality


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