Lal Kitab Remedy for Husband Wife Problems

In this post, I have described a simple and easy to perform paranormal remedy for Husband Wife Problems, which is performed without the use of any kind of Dosha Nivaran Mantra or Yantra. This remedy, which has originated from the Lal Kitab can be practiced by either the husband or wife for 11 consecutive Thursdays in front of a Peepal Tree. This Lal Kitab Remedy is said to resolve all problems like fights, quarrels, disagreements, suspicion, distrust, jealously  and other man-woman problems between the life partners.

The Peepal or Sacred Fig tree, which figures in numerous Mantra-Tantra and Paranormal Tantric  Remedies published on this site has since time immemorial been considered to be a sacred and Chamatkari [ possessing miraculous properties] tree in the Hindu religion.  Its importance and use in Tantric rituals and other religious and paranormal remedies like Totke, Upay and Nuskhe has been described in many earlier posts from time to time over the past many years.

This particular Lal Kitab Remedy should be performed under the Peepal tree, which is located on a Chauraha or a meeting place of four different roads. The Lal Kitab has specifically mentioned this specific location; hence, those who wish to perform this remedy should do so only if they come across a Peepal tree located on a Chauraha.

The practitioner should have a bath in the morning, wear clean and washed clothes and go to the Peepal tree and light a couple of Agarbatti and a Diya of Pure Cow Ghee[ two incense sticks and a Lamp of Pure Clarified Butter of a Cow] near the trunk of the Peepal tree.

Then he should take a fresh and clean leaf of the Peepal tree, which has fallen down, clean it with fresh drinking water, and then wipe it with a clean piece of cloth or handkerchief.

Then he should place three different kinds of Mithai on the Peepal leaf and place it in front of the Agarbatti and Diya.  People living in other countries can offer locally made vegetarian and eggless sweets.

Finally, he should fold his hands and pray to the Peepal tree to accept his offerings and resolve all his domestic problem and bless him with a peaceful and happy married life.

Note- If the wife is performing this remedy, then she should discontinue it during her Menstrual Cycle and continue after the conclusion of the Monthly Cycle.

There are numerous paranormal remedies for this and similar Husband-Wife Problems or Pati Patni Ke Rishte Majboot Karne Ke Aur Jhagde Door Karne Ke Totke/Upay as they are called in Hindi published on this site, you can check the Paranormal Remedies and Lal Kitab Remedies Sections of this site for a wider and diverse choice.


  1. There are no Peeple tree here in Australia. Anything else we can do? Please let me know.

    1. The Peepal tree is essential for this Sadhana, you can look for other remedies for the same problem posted on this site.

  2. Neel ji,

    Is it fine if the peepal tree is inside the temple ?

    1. The Peepal tree should be positioned on Chauraha, which is a meeting place of four roads.
      If the Peepal tree in the temple is positioned in such a location then you can try this remedy.

  3. In my location the peepal tree is located inside the vishnu temple where one of the four roads cross it outside. Can i pray oveR there. Kindly advice.

    1. If the Peepal tree is at the crossroad, then you can perform this Totka.

  4. The peepal tree is not in any junction. It is inside the temple but the temple is located near four roads meeting as junction. Shall do pooja over there. Kindly advice.

    1. You have to find another Peepal tree meeting the criteria given in the above article.


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