Muslim Naqsh Taweez for Frightful Child

The Islamic Naqsh described by me in this post is a Muslim protective talisman for reliving a frightful child of his fears. Children are more often than not likely to be fearful of unknown things and the dark. A child is also likely to imagine things, daydream, and get frightened, hence it is most advisable for parents and elders not to unnecessarily frighten a child by putting the fear of ghosts, the dark and other scary things in order to make the child obedient and listen to them.

The Muslim Naqsh is simple to prepare it should be written as shown by me in the image on any Friday after performing the Juma Ki Namaz. The Yantra should be written on a Bhojpatra with Kesar [Saffron in English and Zafran in the Urdu language]. It should be offered Loban or Styrax benzoin in English. Loban is considered to be a sacred item in Islam and is used in numerous Islamic rites. Apart from its religious use, it is also commonly used as an insect and parasite repellant by burning it inside the house.

Fright Removal Muslim Talisman
Muslim Naqsh Taweez for Frightful Child 

After this, the Naqsh should be put inside a Silver Locket [Chandi Ka Taweez] and tied with a Black Thread around the neck of the child so that it is exposed to the skin of the child.

The Taweez is useful as described above to exorcise fear from a frightful child, but in can also be used on children who cry for no rhyme or reason or those children who are suspected of being affected by Buri Nazar or the Evil –Eye.

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