Muslim Vashikaran By Perfume Yantra

An Islamic Naqsh, which acts as a Magical Occult Voodoo Love Spell to captivate the attention of any pined for man or woman for love and marriage is described by me in this post. The Naqsh, the Muslim counterpart of the Hindu Yantra is also effective in bringing back an ex-lover or a desired lover who is not responsive to the overtures of the practitioner. This Muslim Yantra Experiment uses Perfume to Cast and put the Vashikaran Spell into actual practice.

The Akarshan Naqsh Prayoga can be started at Midnight on any Friday or on any auspicious Muslim Tithi or Muslim Festival and repeated at Midnight for the next 20 days [21 days in all].  The Yantra, which, I have shown in the image below, should be drawn on a Bhojpatra with Kesar Water [Saffron in English and Zafran in Urdu] using a pointed stick.

Muslim Vashikaran Naqsh using Perfume to cast Voodoo Spell
Muslim Vashikaran By Perfume Yantra

The name of the pined for desired lover should be written in place of Amukam in the Yantra. Then the Yantra should be taken in the right hand and the name of the desired man or woman should be read three times. Then the Yantra should be dipped into a Bottle of Floral Perfume or Phulon Ka Ittar or Attar as it is called in the Urdu language. Then the practitioner should remove the Yantra from the Perfume Bottle and Burn it to ash.

The Tantra says that the Dream lover will automatically come under the Love Spell and respond to the overtures of the practitioner.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    In the image,harzrat is written in mirror direction on one side so how to write that while preparing the yantra?
    In all We have to burn total 21 bhojpatra yantra daily one yantra? Is it correct?


    1. The Yantra should be prepared exactly as shown in the image.
      That is correct, the Vashikaran Vidhi should be performed in the same manner for 21 days.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. There are many such Yakshini and other Mantra Experiment given on his site.
      You can select and practise any one of these Mantra Sadhanas, which you feel comfortable practicing.

  3. Sir .i m a regular reader of ur posts.i just want to know that in the above mentioned yantra Amukam is also written as a mirror image of another .is that also b replaced with the targeted person s name with an mirror image .

    1. The Yantra should be drawn as shown in the image by replacing the word Amukam with that of the targeted person.

  4. Wud like to knw whether this is one time spell or it will be continued for 21 days. Please answer to my query asap.

    1. This Vashikaran Spell should be performed for 21 days continuously as described in the post.

  5. Namaste Guruji, after burnt the Yantra to ash shall I throw it into water or tell me what to do?

  6. Namaste Guruji, kindly reply me. After burnt the Yantra to ash, what should I do?

  7. The Ash of the Yantra can be thrown way anywhere.


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