Healing Properties of Hatha Jodi

The Hatha Jodi as mentioned in earlier posts is a most sought after and much in demand Tantric item, which is used in many paranormal remedies of all kinds, including Mantra and Yantra remedies.  The Hatha Jodi is also a  Vanaspati, which is said to possess strong medicinal properties.  In this post, I have described some health home remedies, which are practiced using the Hatha Jodi. These are traditional Indian herbal home remedies and there is no paranormal element involved in these remedies.

To treat constipation- A small portion of the Hatha Jodi should be grounded with a little bit of water to a make a paste. This Hatha Jodi paste should be applied on the stomach and the practitioner should lie down comfortably for some time, this experiment can also be conducted while retiring to bed at night.

To treat stoppages or blockage of Urine- The Hatha Jodi paste should be applied over the upper region of the area of the Urinary Tract. This is said to remove the Blockage and the Urine will start flowing smoothly.

To treat irregular Menstrual Cycle or Abnormal. Excessive or Low Menstrual Flow- A portion of the Hatha Jodi should be grounded to powder and wrapped in a piece of cloth to make a small bundle. This bundle should be kept in the Vaginal region. This remedy is said to resolve and give relief from Menstrual Cycle related problems.

For ensuring smooth and painless delivery- At the time of delivery, the Hatha Jodi paste should be applied on the Navel and the region surrounding the Navel. [Not recommended]

For Abortion – The Hatha Jodi paste should be applied over the stomach.

Note- As all these remedies are related to the stomach and the body parts near the stomach, extreme caution should be exercised while performing these remedies. Pregnant women should strictly avoid performing any of these Hatha Jodi Health remedies, as there are chances of them adversely affecting the pregnancy.

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