Indian Herbal Home Remedy for Stammering

In the past, I had described a specific Indian home remedy to cure stammering and Lisping, the Indian Herbal Remedy described in this post is also believed effective in treating stammering or stuttering. This home remedy uses a combination spices and dry fruits to prepare a mixture, which is given as a home medication to people suffering from this condition, which makes it a struggle for them to speak clearly.

50 Grams Pulp of Badam [Almonds] removed by separating the outer skin.
10 Grams Silver Vark, also called as Chaandi Vark in Hindi, which is the Silver Foil, which is traditionally used in India to decorate Mithai
10 Grams Cinnamon, Dalchini in Hindi
20 Grams Cloves [Laung]
20 Grams Pistachio Nuts
Three fourth of a Gram Pure unadulterated Saffron [Kesar or Zafran]

The ingredients named above should be finely powdered to prepare a paste. This paste should be mixed in about 150 Grams of Pure unadulterated Honey. This Mixture should be stored in a clean glass bottle.

The person suffering from Stammering should be given about 5 Grams of this mixture along with Milk.  If the patient is a child then the dosage should be reduced to about half the quantity, which is 2-3 Grams along with Milk.

Note- Consult your Doctor before trying the home remedy for curing stammered given in this post.

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