Kali Mantra Infused Hawk Feather Talisman

In this post, I have described a simple, easy to practice yet most effective paranormal experiment   from the Baaz Tantra to prepare a Kali Mata Mantra infused Protective Talisman of the feathers of the Hawk. This Hawk feathers talisman is effective in removing; reverting and reversing Dark and Evil Energy fear at night of Dark Forces, dangerous Black magic Voodoo Spells, Evil Eye or Pret Badha, Buri Nazar and protection from harmful and bad unseen and mystical ghostly and paranormal entities.

The Baaz Tantra Vidya is one of the many sub-sections from the vast reservoir Indian Paranormal Occult Practices or Tantric Practices involving the body parts of various animals, birds, fish, reptiles and other living organisms.  The Baaz Pakshi is known as the Hawk, which is a popular predatory bird, which is often trained to hunt and kill other birds. The Baaz Tantra makes the use of the various body parts of the Hawk to create and cast the most powerful Voodoo Spell of all types.

The Baaz Pakshi Tantra for protection from malefic energies is performed by infusing a feather of the Chest of a dead Hawk by holding the Hawk feather in the right hand and chanting this Kali Mata Mantra given in the image 1008 times using a Rudraksha Beads Counting Rosary.

This Kali Mata Mantra Infused Hawk feather should be kept near the head while going to bed at night, which is if the Sadhaka experiences fear from the unknown at night. It can also be inserted in a Locket and tied on the forearm of the right hand as a protective talisman.

The Baaz Pakshi Suraksha Tantra mentioned above can be performed on any day and other rules of Puja-Vidhi-Worship are not applicable for practicing this Tantra.

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